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REVIEW: 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012) + trailer

Another Asylum production comes down our way, and once again its humans versus “something big, hungry and hard to kill”. Since its quite hard to make something new as “shark movies” are concerned, Asylum here has come up with a…2-headed shark!

And, the rest of course remains the same, since we got the monster, beautiful locations, a bunch of not-so-smart teens, girls in bikinis, and unlikely heroes. Add Fred Olen Ray’s son Christopher as director in the mix, and you got yourself a winner!

The script…is hardly a script, but we do have a bunch of teens (Brooke Hogan is one of them) and a teacher (Charlie O’Connell, Jerry O’Connell’s little brother), who takes them to the sea for “studies” – something we never really see, since the shark comes in just too fast. From there on its all cliche – the boat gets damaged, the radio isn’t working, and there’s a deserted island nearby.

Then we see these “desperate” attempts to get help, with some gruesome kills from our beloved 2-headed shark, and then out of nowhere, our teens figure out a way to kill the beast. And guess what, they succeed.

Carmen Electra is billed as the main star in the film, however her character is just another bait to lure more people to see the film – she doesn’t do anything interesting (except for a few shots of sun-bathing on the boat, clothed), her screen time is limited, her acting can barely be called one, and she “disappears” from the movie in a very ridiculous way.

The rest of the cast is no better – Charlie O’Connell looks like an out-of-shape Paul Logan, and his acting is nowhere near his elder brother’s. Brooke Hogan seems to like battling sharks on screen, and she’s all right, as no one really expects great acting from her.

“2-Headed Shark Attack” has its flaws of course, but there are some “goodies” as well – lots of beautiful girls in bikinis, some topless shots as well (genre requirement), and of course a 2-headed CGI shark.

I must admit, although a lot of shark shots are cheesy, there are a few that actually look good.

If you can overlook the awful acting, continuity errors and simply take “2-Headed Shark Attack” for what it is, you may end up liking it.

The film might be cheesy, but its entertaining, and that’s what B-movies are all about. The trailer for the film is below.




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  1. I guess there is a market for this sort of garbage . . . I don’t even feel good watching the trailer

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