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REVIEW: 23 Minutes to Sunrise (2012)


A lot of things can happen late at night, especially at a working diner, with very few people inside. Considence or not – 8 people are about to have their lives turned upside down.

Ted (Bob Zany) and Rachel (Nia Peeples) are trying to figure out where their falling marriage is going, a young punk and his girlfriend plan a new life for themselves, ex-war veteran and a cook in the diner Eddie tries to find a meaning in his life, and Sheila who is a waitress in the same place, is having a tough time with her abusing husband.

Two more strangers end up in the same diner – a mysterious stranger named Daniel (Eric Roberts) and Hannah (Haley Busch), a young girl who seems to be having a lot more problems than all of the other characters all together.

The clock is ticking down, and soon some of these people will have to make choices, and others will watch the outcomes of these choices…

“23 Minutes to Sunrise” is the first full-feature film for director, writer Jay Kanzler, and he probably couldn’t have picked a better project.

Eric Roberts finally gets to show off his acting skills, and it shows that Kanzler made a good choice – Roberts truly shines in his scenes.

Nia Peeples on the other hand doesn’t have much to work with, as her part is rather limited. Compared to her, Bob Zany (plays her husband in the film) did a great job of showing a truly loser of a character, who not only “doesn’t text or facebook”, but is also incapable of keeping up conversation.

“23 Minutes to Sunrise” has minimum of action, as Kanzler pushes forward the dialogues and the relationships between the characters upfront.

In this particular case, in a “late diner” type situation it works great, as without any distractions we’re allowed to focus solely on the characters and their problems.

Kanzler’s effort here can be appreciated, and is recommended for seeing at least once. You don’t get to see Eric Roberts acting freely these days, with the amounts of movies that he stars in.



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