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REVIEW: A Darker Reality (2008)

“A Darker Reality” is a horror movie about a serial killer named Ghost (Daniel Baldwin), who captures young women, drags them into his dark place and tortures them the best he can, before they either die on their own, or await till he explodes and kills them himself.

Ghost also sends “special messages” to a cop named Alex Belasco (James Burns), taunting him to take action.

A police investigation is in the middle of nothing, as cops seem to have no idea how to capture the killer.

Later on, Belasco, who leads the “Ghost case” has to join forces with a beautiful female doctor / FBI profiler Jesse Metcalfe (Sunny Doench), and together they slowly enter the world of a deranged maniac.

“A Darker Reality” is in fact a follow-up to the 2006 horror film “Dark Reality” directed by the same Chris Kazmier. I haven’t seen the first film, but it looks like the subject was pretty much the same.

Some online reviews claim the first film was almost completely improvised, which sometimes is fine. I cannot say how much was this follow-up improvised, but I can say this – it sucked.

IMDB states that the budget for this feature was only $500,000. I don’t know how the creators got Daniel Baldwin to appear in the film (note, he’s not only the main actor here, he’s also an executive producer!), since his character is really pathetic, not scary, and overall very cliche.

Of everyone who appeared in this film I only liked Jonathan Oldham, who played a child molester Quail. Considering the poor material he had to work with here, I assume he would do a lot better in a bigger movie.

The script of the film is really easy to follow, as there’s not much going on at all – we only switch between the scenes of imprisoned girls crying and vomiting to to scenes of “police investigation”.

No real action, no real scares, some nudity here and there, and just a few disgusting scenes, which won’t surprise anyone who’s into horror movies.

Nothing much else to add here, I believe there was no real need for this movie to be shot, even if you can have a Baldwin brother to play a woman-hating maniac with strange sex fetishes. I hope there won’t be a “The Darkest Reality”…



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