REVIEW: Acne (2000)

Plot: Franny and Zoe wake up one morning ready to go on a high school field trip. Their plans quickly change when Zoe drinks contaminated water and his head becomes a huge pustule.

When Franny comes to aid him, Zoe turns her into a monsterous “zithead.” Soon the two of them set off on a bizarre journey, mutating other teenagers, encountering strange suburbanites, and developing a very unusual craving for chocolate.

The army starts a statewide manhunt for the infected adolecents as they struggle to remain concious, try to figure out what’s happened to them, and draw nearer to a terrifying fate.

This low-budget movie is a simple story about a bunch of teens who become mutated with big eels (acne) on their heads after drinking contaminated water.

Yes, the script is that thin, however there’s no one to blame – we should all consider the budget this movie was done on. And, of course, there’s a saying: “if you want to make a movie – make it.”

Basically, that’s exactly what we have here. Acting in the film is bearable, and the music is quite creepy. In fact, the soundtrack reminds a little of George Romero’s “Night of The Living Dead” score.

The entire film is shot in black & white , which adds some peculiarity to this independent Rusty Nails’ flick (who also wrote, produced and starred in it).

There are a few plot holes , and the movie is slow, which is bad for 72 minutes of runtime. Probably, making it a “short” would have produced better results and the final film could have gained more recognition.

Rusty Nails went on to make 4 more movies (the latest of which was a George Romero documentary), and no more films after that.

Bottom line is: “Acne” is weird, but good. Considering the budget, the film is watchable, especially if you like bizarre low-budget movies.

It could have been better, but we all know how hard it is sometimes to shoot even one simple scene. Give it a try, just to know such films even exist.


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