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REVIEW: Ada: Zombilerin dügünü aka The Zombie Wedding (2010)

Okay, so this was the first ever “turkish zombie movie” I’ve seen. Reportedly, this also was the first Turkish zombie movie ever. In brief, not the worst ever zombie film, and not the best ever.

Now, let’s get a more detailed look…at “Ada: Zombilerin dügünü” aka “The Zombie Wedding”.

A bunch of friends gather up in Istanbul to attend a wedding of some guy they barely know (some not-so-close friend).

They complain about him organizing the wedding on a remote island, and not in the city, like people usually do. Nonetheless, they agree to go. All of this is being shot by one of them, with a hand camcorder, so think “Quarantine”.

Friends of course happen to have their own personal problems, but once they arrive at the party on the island, it all goes wrong – out of nowhere a zombie appears, and starts chewing down on the guests at the wedding.

The panic starts, and other hungry living dead appear. Our leads are separated (naturally, we stay with the camera guy), and basic formula for “surviving the zombie invasion” comes in place.

There are a few interesting/funny moments in the film, as the one for example, when our heroes wonder why a crowd of zombies have gathered near the house where they’re hiding.

One of the friends suggests, that “they probably have a zombie leader, whom all others follow, and if we kill the leader, then others might just leave”.

So, they start searching for this leader, and decide it’s some soap opera actor (turned zombie), and “others probably follow him, because he’s a local celebrity”.

Aside from these unintentional laughs, the film doesn’t offer anything new to the zombie sub-genre. I had a feeling this was shot “just for the sake of shooting something, and let it be a zombie movie”.

We don’t get any ideas where the zombies came from (at first, our leads think they’re just “hired actors, that had their faces painted, and were paid to crash the wedding party”, then they start thinking its the “smoke poisoning”). Poor zombie make-up and shaky camera work are among other negative factors.

Still, this is a zombie movie, a Turkish zombie movie (we don’t get much of those), and movie lovers of this sub-genre can still enjoy this little low-budget creation.


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  1. It’s a dark comedy! there is no reasoning given for zombies because in Istanbul, things happen, people may die and there is no custom of explaining much. A kind of fatalistic approach dominates, people think that it’s kismet..
    The reference to smoke posioning is also funny to those who know about Turkey: Most of the bad things are “the result of the current government’s actions”. And they have a habit of giving out free coal to poor people before elections, (which is shunned at every chance by not-so-poor) so their reasoning was that the smoke from that coal (that is such bad quality) poisened people..
    I laughed constantly through the film but I think you have to know Zombie films and Turkey to enjoy it as much.

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