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REVIEW: Adrenalin – Fear the Rush (1996)

Albert Pyun is a good director. His movies are somewhat different from others directors’ works, although I cannot really explain why. Its just a feeling, I quess. “Adrenalin” is definitely not his best work, but not the worst either.

The story is about A Russian Government that has collapsed (although the movie was filmed in Croatia), and some kind of virus leaks out, killing lots of people.

In this chaos, police finds out that some guy has a deadly disease , and some officers are sent to catch him… Basically, that’s the story. Sort of cheezy, understandable, and you could probably guess what’s going to happen in the end. However, we should go on.

The cast is good. Christopher Lambert (yes, he’s no action hero but at least he tries) and Natasha Henstrige both did a fine job.

The Killer is played by a stuntman Craig Davis, who undergone some heavy, scary makeup to look like a demented freak with shark-like teeth.

Cast also includes Andrew Divoff and Norbert Weisser (who appears in nearly every Albert Pyun film).

Nealy 90 % of the movie, Lambert and Henstridge spend in catacombs, dark tunnels, following the killer who seems to be as strong as Schwarzenegger was in his younger years, and also shoots like Rambo.

The atmosphere is there, second part of the movie is really creepy, but overall it gets boring as the time goes on.

In fact, the film can hardly be called a sci-fi thriller, sometimes you can clearly see that its a horror movie you’re watching.

Problems with direction also exist – every time there’s a close up, the camera goes on jumping and its hard to see what’s going on.

This film is definitely a low budget movie, yet somehow it manages to capture you. It does drag at times, but overall, Pyun managed to “spread” a simple story into a nicely done little film, that you can watch more than once. Give it a try.


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