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REVIEW: Age of Dinosaurs (2013)


Since “Age of Dinosaurs” is an Asylum creation, we shouldn’t even be surprised to see an opening scene in Japan, where an experiment on bringing dinosaurs back to life, goes horribly wrong. The experiment does go wrong, and more of this will continue, only in the United States.

An aged Treat Williams doesn’t look like Jack Dempsey anymore (more like Martin Kove), but still in shape, and ready to fight some dinosaurs!

Williams plays firefighter Gabe Jacobs, who gets to spend some time with his teenage daughter, and a “lucky call” gets them both into a ceremony, where GeneteSharp corporation is to present a full crowd of guests with…living dinosaurs.

Using “flesh-regeneration technology”, according to Ronny Cox, who plays the man in charge of the research here, the company was able to bring back the dinosaurs, “using only a single sample of DNA”.

As usual, the security measures were not properly taken, and one psychopatic dinosaur named “Larry”, manages to break through the protection glass, and the havoc begins!

It gets better. About 16 dinosaurs break free, people become living targets for prehistoric predators, and Jacobs loses his daughter in the mix. Soon the police arrives, and it looks as helpless as in other similar movies.

Chief Dawson: What is happening in there?
Jacobs: You’re not going to believe this. The dinosaurs have taken over the building!

“Age of Dinosaurs” is ultra cheesy, and insanely entertaining. Ronny Cox gets to say some cool lines, axe-wielding Treat Williams gets to kill a few dinosaurs, and the CGI dinosaurs of course get to eat some people.

Speaking of CGI – could’ve been better, but still bearable, if your standards for these kind of films are not sky-high.

There’s a cool short scene of Jacobs and his daughter driving the city streets, with a huge T-Rex looking dinosaur running after them. Jacobs even tries to shoot it down with a shotgun, but loses it during the chase.

Overall, “Age of Dinosaurs” is an average Asylum film (meaning average among other Asylum creations), and is recommended for b-movie fans. At least once.



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