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REVIEW: Alien Armageddon (2011)

The aliens for some reason have decided to invade the Earth (again), and settle here for good. In Los Angeles, in particular.

A big army of well-armed space invaders have taken over, with people being either killed or taken as prisoners for some other purposes.

In all this chaos, we follow several characters, among which are those who have been captured, and desperately want to escape, and those who sold out to the alien forces, and now work for them.

These characters include a young woman, who is desperately looking for her daughter, an escaped killer called Cowboy, two helicopter pilots and a doctor that works for the aliens.

As it turns out later, the aliens keep the prisoners, feeding them contaminated flesh of other humans to turn them into so-called hybrids, thus slowly eliminating the whole of mankind.

With all this going on, some of our heroes will fall victims to the invaders, others will live a bit longer to escape, and encounter a bleak reality outside of the prison walls…

The opinion on this film has changed a couple of times, throughout viewing. First, it started off as usual low-budget sci-fi “alien attack” film with lots of CGI.

Then, as part of the story, we’re forced to watch human prisoners eat human flesh and vomit a lot, before the reason for this is even revealed.

The “aliens” and their forces look poorly organized, and easy to kill – as our characters prove in the film, having no experience of handling space weapons.

Visually, the film is split in three phases – in the first, we witness the alien takeover, with a lot of action, the second phase – the most painful one – is when we’re in this room with captured humans, and forced to watch how they eat, vomit and crap themselves (there is a reason for writing this – they do it a lot), and the third phase, when the prisoners escape.

If it wasn’t for the second phase (again, the most painful and disgusting one) – the film would have been different, and less memorable.

But it is memorable for the wrong reason, which is the “second phase”. Usually, this is not what we get to see in a low-budget alien flick.

The acting is somewhat good, as Katharine McEwan, Ben Cain, Don Scribner and Virginia Hey (from “Mad Max 2” fame) do their parts well, despite poor material.

Oh yes, one of the characters turns out to to a lesbian, and there are also flesh eating worms there as well – it is quite obvious that the story had too much of everything, and combined together it produced a very mediocre result.



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