REVIEW: Alien vs Ninja (2010) + trailer

Ah, the poor aliens. Sometimes I feel so sorry for them. Every time they fall on Earth, they have to battle somebody, from people to Predators, to Avatars (yes, that too). In this particular case, they have to confront humans, again. But no ordinary humans. Ninjas. Japanese ninjas.

A paper-thin plot involves some ninja clan that lives in some kind of forest, and it occasionally engages in battles with the opposite clan.

The best warrior of the first mentioned clan is Yamato, an orphan who was picked up by the clan and taught “all the stuff that ninjas do”. The opposite clan has Rin – a beautiful girl-ninja, Yamato’s love interest.

So, once on a mission, Yamato and others see a meteor falling down from the skies. It is revealed later that the meteor was actually some sort of space ship, that brought some nasty aliens along.

It doesn’t take long before the aliens start killing off ninjas and the remaining ninjas from both clans have to join forces to kill off all the alien invaders.

I assume having a budget of approximately $600 (as IMDB says), this was the best writer-director Seiji Chiba could do with a movie that involves both aliens and ninjas. While, like stated earlier, the script for the film is practically non-existent, the film manages to dish out a few surprises.

First of all, despite all the confrontation between aliens and ninjas, there is lots of amusing stuff. For example, there are one-eyed fat gay ninjas. Yes, read that again. There’s also a character by the name Nizumi, that is a Japanese version of Chris Farley’s character in “Beverly Hills Ninja”.

Aliens here are…well, strange. They teleport themselves from location to location, sometimes they kill instantly, in other scenes we see them planting their seeds into the bodies of dead ninjas.

In other words, it is unclear what they are trying to achieve, kill everyone or spread around. Did I mention that aliens are people wearing cheap monster suits?

With all this combined, the film is entertaining, believe it or not. This is one of those cases when a film is “so bad its entertaining”. I should also note that the film has one hell of a soundtrack performed by “Reboot”.

Yes, it is cheesy as hell, but its never boring. There’s gore, there are men in suits playing aliens, there are fat gay ninjas and this crazy speaking tone that only Japanese have. “Alien vs Ninja” is a B-movie from top to bottom, and it deserves to be one. Definitely recommended, and trailer is below.




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