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REVIEW: Aliens vs. Avatars (2011)

Don’t even know where to start. So, we have this crazy alien that falls down to Earth, and it is by no means friendly.

As soon as it lands, the alien starts killing people in the nearby woods, replicating them sometimes, for no apparent reason.

Meanwhile, there’s a group of some cliche teenagers that are planning a camping trip in the woods. That would be the same woods where our bloothirsty alien is.

The teens (among which are all your typical characters – the virgin geek, the classy bitch, ex football player, and so on) back the bags and move out to the woods.

Enter space, where an unknown spaceship roams, and there’s a strange female avatar there, which is closely following the movements of the evil alien that fell on Earth earlier.

The avatar takes shape of a beautiful young female and goes after the alien, supposedly trying to stop it from killing everyone it encounters.

Later, when the teens meet the avatar, and face the alien, there is a lot more to be understood, before they can actually save their own race and destroy the evil. As the avatar reveals to the bunch – they have to activate some sort of a robot, which seems to be the only thing that can kill the alien…

As you’ve probably guessed from the film’s title – this is a shameless rip-off. Before jumping to conclusions, it should be noted, that sometimes these fast-made cheap rip-offs can actually turn out to be very watchable, like “Terminators” for example. On the other hand, they can be really a pain to sit through, like in case with “Universal Soldiers”.

“Aliens vs Avatars” unfortunately is a very very bad rip-off. First of all, let’s put bad acting aside – you wouldn’t expect Oscar worthy performances in such a film, would you?

The only recognizable actress here is Victoria de Mare (from a somewhat decent “Werewolf in a Women’s Prison”), however she gets killed off too quick (right after she gets topless), and the rest of the actors are just…well, below the mediocre level.

Effects are laughable. The alien is a guy in a cheaply looking rubber suit, the avatar has a ridiculously painted body, and the robot is another guy, in another even worse looking rubber suit. The gore effects are even worse.

The script is extremely bad even for this kind of film – a scene, where a captured avatar desperately explains to humans what is going on – can really be called a highlight of the whole film.

There are a few topless scenes, yet everything is really so cheap and amateur, that this particular film can only be recommended to those who collect the most ridiculous and amusing rip-off movies ever created. For everyone else – this really qualifies as a time-waster. Don’t fall for the title.



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