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REVIEW: ATM (2012) + trailer

To be honest, I did not expect anything unusual from “ATM”, as the cover poster was already revealing me everything I needed to know about the movie. Yet, I decided to give it a look, just to see “how exactly” the events in the film will go.

The story of the film is simple, as we have a trio in their mid 20s being forced to play a deadly game with an unknown ruthless killer in a parka jacket, who keeps them inside an ATM booth.

Main characters of the film are your usual cliche – a mumbling David (Brian Geraghty), a cocky Corey (Josh Peck), and a beautiful Emily (Alice Eve), who also happens to be David’s love interest.

So, one unlucky night when it is revealed that Emily is leaving for another job in another company, David, being a wimp that he is, finally decides to express his feelings to Emily (with Corey’s push of course).

It all turns into a midnight ride for “something to eat”, and the trio stops by a lonely ATM booth at an empty parking lot to charge some money off a credit card.

They go inside the booth, and finally a man in a parka jacket appears, and he doesn’t let them out of the ATM. From there on its numerous attempts to escape from the trio, and a couple of deadly surprises from the “parka killer”.

When I first saw the killer, he instantly reminded me of the anonymous, faceless man on the cover for the legendary 1982 horror movie “The Thing”. The point here is that aside from the teens, our killer is also a cliche – at least visually.

There have been quite some movies featuring killers wearing parka jackets (like “D-Tox”, “7eventy 5ive”, or “Death Academy”), so do not expect anything unusual from the killer’s looks.

Another thing that I did like – cliche killer was anything but stupid. In particular, I did like the fact that he was a strategist, a cold-blooded calculating murderer, who, before going in for the kill, spends his time carefully preparing for all possible scenarios.

With all this considered, I don’t think during the entire movie I even once saw a hint on the killer’s motives.

The IMDB says film’s budget was $3,000,000 (estimated). From my point of view, it was too much for this kind of film – where did all the money go? The film does not have any known actors, special effects are minimum…anyway, I hope the producers will get their money back.

The verdict – a mediocre film. “ATM” doesn’t pack enough to become something vivid, and its not that awful to be considered a “z-grade horror flick”.

There are a few interesting scenes, and a good ending, just as there are enough of really idiotic scenes where its clear that people do not behave like that in real life.

Give it a look, if there’s nothing else to watch, however I would not recommend watching it on purpose. Feel free to check out the trailer below.




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