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REVIEW: Battle of the Damned (2013)

battle-of-the-damned-2013We’re somewhere in Southeast Asia, where biotechnology companies are rapidly making progress, along with disastrous side effects, that no one has taken care of in advance.

As a result, a highly contagious subject escapes from a research facility, and starts to infect the population. It doesn’t take long before the city is quarantined.

CEO of one of the biotechnology companies, hires Major Max Gatling (Lundgren) and his team to find his daughter, who is somewhere in the contaminated city, to bring her back.

Gatling agrees, and soon finds out that it might be too risky and too costly for him to complete the mission, as his men are killed one by one, and he’s soon left alone against the undead. Or so he thought…

Soon Gatling gets acquainted with a group of survivors, among which is the girl that he has been tasked to get out of the city. The group however is not very pleased with the fact that Gatling is not supposed to rescue them as well. Thus, another conflict to solve for our leading man.

“Battle of the Damned” is actually a little better than you might think. Yes, there is CGI, there’s low budget, but there’s plenty of solid action for the fans. Speaking of action, Lundgren is in the middle of it, shooting down, beating and slicing the zombies left and right, looking cool and tough.

You might be wondering what’s with the robots – well, there are robots, and this twist is actually cool. All of a sudden, when Gatling is battling the zombies, a bunch of robots appear and start helping him out.

One robot is particularly cute – it walks like a dog. It turns out, the robots “walked” to this destination from Tokyo. Gatling quickly establishes command over the robots, and the action continues.

What really hurts the film is the shaky camera. While a lot of viewers become disgruntled with the shaky action scenes, seeing a usual dialogue scene shot with a shaky camera is just unacceptable. Unfortunately, this is the case with “Battle of the Damned”.

Another issue with the film, which might go unnoticed by some viewers, is the fact that the city that the story takes place in, should be deserted. However, in one particular scene, where Lundgren is handcuffed to the lamppost – we can see cars moving in the street, outside of the area, where the film is shot. But don’t get concentrated on that – it’s only for a few seconds, and the shaky cam problem is much worse.

Nonetheless, the film is very light story wise, with lots of action, zombies, robots and an aged Dolph Lundgren in shape. For some, this would be enough for one evening. Give it a look.



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