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REVIEW: Beyond the Limits (2003)

A young female journalist Vivian comes to the cemetery to interview its keeper , a creepy looking guy named Frederick (played by Christopher Kriesa). Frederick tells her two strange stories that lead to an unspeakable and mystery secret.

First story told by Frederick, is about a bunch of guys who get involved in to this usual ‘money-drugs’ thing , and in the end they all get slaughtered like animals, in very violent ways.

Second story takes place , probably in medieval Europe. A demented inquisitor is searching ancient writings which can make him eternal and give unrestricted power.

By searching he tortures and kills people who don’t obey him, in very gruesome ways. Both stories lead to Frederick’ own secret. But when Vivian realizes that , it’s just too late…

Acting is actually poor except for a few people that can actually do what they’re being paid for. Director Olaf Ittenbach has a cameo appearance in the beginning of the film (he sometimes does that).

Among actors, Darren Shahlavi (yes, you might remember him from the martial arts thriller “Bloodmoon”) looks really solid and shows great martial art skills.

Another martial art specialist, and a b-movie legend Matthias Hues appears in the end of the movie as one of the bad guys. Other actors look quite poor, and nearly all of them have terrible accents. Well, in this kind of film you do not expect great acting anyway.

As far as the good points go, we should probably mention gore. Ittenbach does a great job with all the SFX. As usual in his films, there’s a lot of gore, tons of blood , people get slaughtered, cut into pieces, and tortured in very disturbing manner. In this kind of film, it’s a plus.

“Beyond the limits” is not as gory as Ittenbach’s other films (say, Premutos, or Burning Moon), but there’s enough of it to satisfy a gore fan.

Can this film be recommended? For Olaf Ittenbach fans only, or those who love gore movies.

For those of you expecting acting , plot or anything else except gore…keep searching. Aside from the mentioned points, everything else in this movie is just doesn’t worth your time.


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