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REVIEW: Bigfoot (2012) + trailer


The story of “Bigfoot” takes place in a small town named Deadwood, in South Dakota, where local radio host Harley Anderson (Danny Bonaduce) plans to host “Deadwood annual 80s Flashback Music Festival”.

And of course for the festival, Harley needs some ground. Backed by the local mayor, Harley wants to get rid of the forest trees to make some space for the upcoming show.

Harley however has a problem – Simon Quint (Barry Williams) a former musician turned environmental activist, who, along with his group try their best to stop Harvey from cutting down the trees.

What no one knows is that a giant Godzilla-looking bigfoot is in the forest, and drunken people screaming at the 80s music festival is the last thing it needs. However, the beast has been unleashed – our bigfoot walks around, stomps on people, tears their heads off, and no one seems to know what to do.

Local police, sheriff Walt Henderson (Bruce Davison) and sheriff Becky Alvarez (Sherilyn Fenn) try to contain the situation the best they can, while both Harvey and Simon have other ideas about the bigfoot…

Usually, modern low-budget bigfoot movies are boring, which is definitely not the case with this “Bigfoot”, which stands well above the usual monster-in-the-woods type of film.

First surprise is Bruce Davison – quite a respected and solid actor, who here handles a secondary role, and also directs the film. Davison must have a thing for bigfoot – his “directing credits” include not only this “Bigfoot” but also a couple of “Harry and the Hendersons” episodes.

Then we have Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams, hating each other more than ever. Both actors were among ABC’s most popular stars of family-friendly sitcoms in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Their paths crossed memorably in the 2002 premiere of FOX’s short-lived (as in, two episodes) “Celebrity Boxing”, and now in this low-budget Syfy flick.

No disrespect towards Barry Williams, but he looks like three men combined into one – Tom Jones, David Hasselhoff and Bob Dylan. His acting is not great, but he’s fun to watch, same as Danny Bonaduce.

Oh, there’s also Alice Cooper, who appears as “himself” at the festival, with a fake snake around his neck. Whatever made him accept a role in such film, remains a mystery.

Sherilyn Fenn, despite gaining weight, still looks cute, and delivers a fine performance.

Speaking of the flaws, “Bigfoot” has plenty of those. First of all – there’s too much CGI. The bigfoot is CGI, some helicopters are CGI, some police cars are CGI, hell even some people are CGI!

Now regarding the bigfoot, for a second, we can put aside that the creature is CGI, and say that its behavior in the film is kind of strange.

In several scenes we see it either grab people and bite their heads off, while in others we see a cave full of half-eaten bodies – this raises a question whether the filmmakers wanted the creature to eat the people or simply show how it bites their heads off.

For the record – the bigfoot in “Bigfoot” seems to be the biggest bigfoot ever to be shot on film – the creature is smaller than “King Kong”, but bigger than “Mighty Joe Young”. Go figure.

Despite all this mess, “Bigfoot” does have one asset that was mentioned in the beginning of the review – the film is anything but boring.

This is cheesy entertainment at its best. There are shootouts, explosions, people getting their heads bitten off, bigfoot stomping on people, running around, getting its “face” half burned, what’s not to like?

If you like bigfoot movies, and don’t feel like falling asleep – check out Syfy’s “Bigfoot”! And to warm up, check out the trailer below.




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