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REVIEW: Blackwoods Bloodbath (2007) + TRAILER


The film introduces us to a guy and a girl in a barn…very romantic atmosphere, you know.

The guy is about to get laid, however “some strange noises” upstairs make him nervous, so naturally he goes up for a check…only to end up dead.

It doesn’t take long for the girl to follow the guy, and she ends up dead as well. Both suffer gory deaths due to a mysterious creature.

Some time later, we are in a car, following a group of friends, who are going into the woods for a weekend of booze and sex.

As usual, despite the fact that they’re “warned” by the locals to get out as fast as possible due to this “mysterious creature” wandering in the woods and killing innocent people, our heroes of course do not listen.

Pretty soon all the fun is spoiled, as the creature starts killing them off one by one.

The creature in “Blackwoods Bloodbath” is the Hodag – a folkloric animal of the American state of Wisconsin. Its history is focused mainly around the city of Rhinelander in northern Wisconsin, where it was said to have been discovered.

In the film, our Hodag is a human-like creature (which really looks like a masked man in dirty clothes, armed with a scythe of some sort), that runs around the woods, butchering both locals and our heroes.

The idea itself to make a film about the Hodag is interesting, however in this case, the idea did not really transform into a watchable film.

The acting is laughable. Since most of the time we’re forced to watch the main characters in the cabin, their dreadful acting becomes obvious really fast.

Gore effects at times looked rather good, however amateur editing and directing spoil the film even more than bad acting.

Despite the fact that the film was selected to some festivals, including NY International Independent Film  and video festival (best horror feature), and Fright Night Film Festival, it really doesn’t have much to offer.

For those who don’t want to waste their time on “Blackwoods Bloodbath”, there’s a trailer below, which packs pretty much every gory moment of the film, saving you time you would’ve spent on the full movie.




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