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REVIEW: Camel Spiders (2011)

Captain Mike Sturgess (Brian Krause) and his squad of soldiers are fighting against Taliban in Afghanistan, trying to eliminate a group of Talibs.

While both sides continue to exchange fire, no one noticed the giant “camel spiders” coming out of nowhere and attacking the Taliban group.

Sturgess and his team get one enemy eliminated, only to get a much more scary enemy in replacement. One of the squad men is killed, and Sturgess decides to take him home.

What he, and the rest of the U.S. soldiers missed is that several small “camel spiders” were able to get into the coffin that soon was to departure to the United States.

Some time later, Sturgess, along with Sgt. Shelly Underwood (Melissa Brasselle) find themselves fighting against these camel spiders on their own turf, in the southwestern deserts of the United States.

Thankfully they’re not alone, as local Sheriff Beaumont (C. Thomas Howell) and a bunch of local residents try to make their stand against the creatures that aren’t afraid of anything, rapidly spreading around the area.

Cult director Jim Wynorski, who today is known for making low-budget sci-fi flicks and passable softcore films with big breasted ladies, here presents us with another sci-fi film that is unlikely to become fan-favorite, yet it offers enough of cheesy entertainment for one evening.

Made for a laughable budget of $500,000 Wynorski manages to get a few name actors (Krause, Howell), and even brings one of his long-time collaborators as well (Melissa Brasselle). Legendary filmmaker Roger Corman is the executive producer here.

The story itself is in fact somewhat true, based on real events, believe it or not. The “camel spider stories” began to spread during the 1990-91 Gulf War, and as soon as the U.S. forces reached Afghanistan, the stories continued.

While the film says the camel spiders were brought with soldiers from Afghanistan, some online websites say the camel spider can also be found in the southwest U.S. and Mexico. For someone like Jim Wynorski it was enough to make a film.

“Camel Spiders” is of course a “b-movie”. There are lots of idiotic situations, CGI spiders, bad acting, plot holes and so on. Despite all this, like previously mentioned, the film still manages to bring up some entertainment to the plate.

While I never was into Brian Krause, C. Thomas Howell was always someone that I thought was underrated, ever from his days of “The Hitcher”, then to his 90s explosive PM Entertainment movies, and later when his career started to decline, film quality wise.

In fact, some time ago on his Twitter, Howell himself said he was not that proud of making “Camel Spiders”, which is of course understood.

Since this is a movie, and Wynorski tries to make it as entertaining as possible, given the small budget, there are of course a lot of false facts about the camel spiders.

If you can get over those, then “Camel Spiders” can be your time-passer for one evening. Compared to Wynorski’s “skin flicks”, which are rather boring, this one is filled with tension, CGI spiders and action with guns that never need reloading.



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