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REVIEW: Children of the Corn – Genesis (2011) + trailer

I’ve never really been a fan of Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn”. This is what “exploitation” really means! King published a short story back in 1977.

And films about these creepy children are still being released. This particular “Children of the Corn – Genesis” is one of them.

Story: A young couple are stranded in the middle of nowhere, their car broke down, the girl is pregnant, and they desperately need to find help, well you get the picture.

Now, all they are able to find is a lonely house where former vietnam veteran Cole (Billy Drago) lives along with his young Ukrainian wife (Barbara Nedeljakova, who is really from Slovak Republic). Lack of other options forces the young couple to stay at Cole’s house, and this decision they will later regret…

From what I know, this film is not really connected to the earlier “Corn” films, and to be honest, I don’t even know, if it would be watchable, had it been connected.

First hour of the film is boring to say the least, although we do get to see a few creepy moments.

Billy Drago acts the way he usually does, portraying a slightly crazy preacher (he’s been like this in so many movies, I believe he does this kind of acting on autopilot), who on one hand doesn’t really care if the young couple dies, and on the other he isn’t really acting like a bad guy either.

There’s no gore in the movie, no real scares, and there’s just one so-called action scene by the end of the film, featuring our young couple, on a highway, right behind a giant truck full of cars, falling down from it.

Reportedly, this was a stock footage, and even if it wasn’t – its just not enough to save the whole film. Boring, really. Even if you’re a Billy Drago fan. The trailer for the film is below.




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