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REVIEW: Creature (2011)

I decided to give “Creature” a look, after seeing cult actor Sid Haig, and former martial arts star Daniel Bernhardt on the cast list.

The story of this horror movie focuses around a group of friends, who unearth a horrifying secret in the back country of Louisiana. In other words, a “part alligator, part man” creature comes out to feed on these poor kids.

According to the official website of the “Creature”, the story of the film is about “an inbred local man Grimley (Daniel Bernhardt) who was in very close relationship with his younger sister…, and later he loses her to to a monstrous while alligator.

Driven completely mad, Grimley sets out to hunt the man-eating alligator, and ultimately does so. However, his madness takes over, and after turning into a cannibal himself (eats the alligator along the way), he somehow got transformed into an “alligator-man” himself, and since then haunts the depths of the swamps.”

Now, to start off with the cast, the actors portraying “friends” were good, I ended up liking them. Usually, in these type of films (a bunch of youngsters go somewhere, and something happens to them) its either you like the leads or you don’t. In this case, I did.

Serinda Swan was absolutely gorgeous, and Mehcad Brooks was believable in his part as well. Some of the other characters were rather strange, as for example Randy – he says he’s a “marine”, but when all the troubles start, our “marine” turns into a helpless victim, who can’t do anything right.

Sid Haig portrays one of the locals, and his “Chopper” character is a forgettable role, as he doesn’t do anything interesting here. As far as the “Creature” itself goes, it’s played by a once martial arts star Daniel Bernhardt (from the “Bloodsport” fame), and in here he has only a few scenes (where we actually see him as his character, “Grimley”).

From there on, Grimley turns into “LockJaw”, and although the credits in the film says its Bernhardt portraying the creature, it might as well been a stuntman.

If you like “monster movies”, you can give this one a look, the movie is not boring, yet dull at times, but it provides its share of entertainment. Nothing special, yet not a complete disaster either.

Also, an interesting note: reportedly, “Creature” set a new box office record – the lowest grossing opening weekend on record for a single movie opening on more than 1,500 screens across the United States.

An average of six people watched each showing across the country, giving the film the fifth lowest opening weekend box office gross on record for a film in nationwide release, with a total of $331,000 in ticket sales. “Box Office Mojo” noted that it’s the worst opening in box office history for a film that opened in more than 1,500 theaters.

It’s likely you’ve never even heard of “Creature,” and that’s probably because there were no print or television advertisements, and most of the marketing was carried out guerrilla-style, according to the New York Times.”

In my opinion, it’s the title that ruined the movie, as there have been a lot of movies named “Creature”. Most people nowadays, simply don’t buy that anymore. Below is an official trailer for the film.



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