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REVIEW: Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018)


By Tim Tal

Before bashing this film for its title only and jump to quick conclusions, let’s take a closer look at “Day of the Dead: Bloodline”.

The film kicks off with the zombie epidemic spreading around a city, with Zoe Parker (Sophie Skelton), a med student, who soon finds herself living with other survivors in a military complex, run by soldiers.

Enter Max (Johnathon Schaech) a psychopath patient, who falls in love with Zoe, and tries to rape her during a party in the medical college that Zoe attends. The rape “doesn’t go through” though – one of the dead men suddenly awakens, and all hell breaks loose.

Fast forward to the military complex, where Zoe tries to find a cure for the disease, constantly being under strict supervision and pressure by Miguel (Jeff Gum), the soldier in change – the modern day Capt. Rhodes.

It doesn’t take long before Zoe and some soldiers return to the medical lab, to pick up some necessary medicine, and somehow manage to have Max (now, a zombie) follow them to the complex…

One thing that needs to be pointed out – the filmmakers were obviously aware of the cult following that the original George Romero’s “Day of the Dead” has, and tried not to blindly copy the original.

Among the things they’ve succeeded in, is the character of Max. If in the original, we had slow-moving Bub (Howard Sherman), who is somehow sympathetic, yet being a flesh-eating zombie, Max here is a raging, scary-looking maniac zombie, that is still obsessed with Zoe. He’s smart, fast, and “doesn’t give up”.

Johnathon Schaech was a great casting choice for Max, who is a much bigger character in the film, than Bub was in the original “Day of the Dead”. So, Max gets a thumbs up.

The leading female in Sophie Skelton is an eye candy, who looks bossy, super sexy and ready to kick butt. Romero would’ve been proud.

The downside of the film is that in some scenes you can clearly see this was shot on a tight budget, a few CGI bullet wounds here and there, but… everything zombie-related is good. Great looking zombies, lots of gore, flesh-eating details – just like the fans like it.

Shot in Bulgaria, which has become the “second Hollywood” for cheaper films, “Day of the Dead: Bloodline” is a worthy addition to the zombie subgenre.

There’s enough gore, vivid characters, a cool soundtrack and a story you already know. Check it out.


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