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REVIEW: Dead Cert (2010)

Freddy Frankham (Craig Fairbrass) is the leader of a tough London gangster gang that stages one on one fights, and also owns a night club.

While being a gangster, Freddy tries to be as legit as possible, running his club and enjoying a family life with his wife.

Frankham’s pal Eddie hooks him up with a shady businessman from Romania, Dante Livenko (Billy Murray), that proposes Frankham a bet – a fight between their best fighters. If Frankham wins, he gets a huge sum of money, if he loses, Livenko gets his club.

Freddy reluctantly agrees to the deal, expecting his fighter Dennis to beat the romanian fighter. Dennis however, turns out to be no match for the Romanian, as the outsider easily destroys the brit, and then…bites his neck, celebrating his triumph.

At first, Freddy doesn’t pay attention to this incident, trying to deal with the loss of his club, and death of Dennis, who passed away as a result of injuries received in the fight.

However later, whe a mysterious old man (Steven Berkoff) claims Livenko and his gang are in fact wolves – this triggers Freddy to gather his gang and use force to get his club back.

Little does he know, that what the old man was saying, was true, and the night he and his gangster gang enter the club just might be their last.

This film was really hard to swallow. On one side, it has a bunch of recognizable actors (Craig Fairbrass, Billy Murray, Jason Flemyng, Steven Berkoff, Danny Dyer), but they’re working on a truly cheesy film.

Partially, “Dead Cert” reminds of “From Dusk Till Dawn”, yet of course the directing is different, there are far less jokes, and a lot less of make-up and gore.

The story really builds up everything, yet there is very little actual action, even in the end of the film. One more thing should be mentioned – the cover of the film mentiones the word “vampires”, while in the film, viewers are constanstly told that “they’re wolves”. Confusing, at least.

Craig Fairbrass with his looks and solid acting should have made another choice here, as this is really not his type of material, and it shows.

Same words apply to Billy Murray, who puts his acting at display, however the silliness of the film makes one believe that Murray simply wanted a paycheck. He also acted as a producer for the film.

Even more surprising was to see Steven Berkoff in such film, and yet he shows his versatility by playing a character completely different from the usual villainous types that he takes in movies.

Like previously mentioned, “Dead Cert” is hard to swallow because the film is neither really a horror, nor really a drama.

The bizarre mix of both creates a viewing experience that is hard to explain, and the film remains as “something mediocre” even with such a good cast.

All of the actors here, collaborating on something with a much clearer story would have made a film much more successful than “Dead Cert”.

Instead, we have something “stuck between the floors”, as a lot of good actors appear in a movie that is undoubtedly below mediocre level. Recommended for watching only because of the actors.



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  1. I had the same impression after watching this. When I talked with Steven Berkoff and asked why he’s making those movies(this movie is actually good, check the unwatchable ‘Strippers vs Werewolves’ where he appears for like 30 seconds) he said, he’s a friend and mentor to some people involved. This is kinda strange that one of the most amazing actors ever, who’s so respected in UK film community appears in things like that. Especially when you know he is a man of theater and he hates dumb movies…

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