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REVIEW: Death from Above (2012)


Before going directly to the review of “Death from Above”, we should start a couple of years earlier…

Director Bruce Koehler started working with former WWE superstar Kurt Angle back in 2009, when he made “End Game”. The film was nearly as bad as it could have been.

Koehler went on to make “River of Darkness” – another film with Kurt Angle, and this time he decided to make an improvement by adding more wrestling superstars to the cast list, namely Kevin Nash (WWF’s Diesel) and Sid Eudy (Psycho Sid Vicious). The result was better than “End Game”, however still nothing to brag about.

Now in 2012, Koehler decided to follow the very same formula, possibly still trying to put Kurt Angle in the same line with Steve Austin, who has been doing quite good with a bunch of b-action movie flicks coming out one after another.

In a nutshell, there are three types of wrestlers who star in movies. Guys like Dwayne Johnson, who make blockbusters and earn millions, guys like Steve Austin who feel fine doing b-grade action films, and those like Kurt Angle or Hulk Hogan – they simply pick the wrong movies.

So, what is “Death from Above”? Well, compared to Koehler’s other films he’s got himself a rather interesting cast here: Kurt Angle (wrestler), Sid (wrestler), Matt Morgan (wrestler), Terry Gerin (wrestler), and also Tom Savini and Robert Z’Dar! That’s one hell of a cast!

The film however…is far from being great. The story centers on a redneck (Kurt Angle), who finds some ancient amulet, and gets possessed by an underworld demon that needs other 3 amulets, acquiring of which will allow him to take control over the world.

So now Thule (Kurt Angle with red demonic eyes) walks around, kills people, and searches for those who have the remaining amulets.

Soon arrives “a good demon”, named Herzog (Sid Vicious), who is determined to stop Thule, before he completes his goal.

Tom Savini has a minor role as Sheriff Raynick, who doesn’t have anything else to do but read Playboy magazines and harass everyone. Robert Z’Dar has a small cameo as a “concert promoter”.

Since “there’s always something good in every bad movie”, in this case – it is a cool footage of monster truck driving, some female mud wrestling, Kurt Angle’s wife and the cast. Everything else is pretty much bad.

The acting is bad. The special effects are weak. The fights are awful – which is the biggest fail, since there’s no need for a big budget to stage a good fight. Imagine the fight scenes done right with so many wrestlers in one film! No, not this time.

And the ending…well, it was the last blow. It’s one of those moments when you think “okay it was bad, but at least they tried”….then you watch the ending…and you go “okay, they tried, and managed to fall even lower”. Basically this concerns the scene where Sid “tries to free” Angle from the demon possessing his body.

Also, a note to Bruce Koehler and NorthShore Pictures who shot “Death from Above” – one thing one should be careful about is the IMDb page, since right now, someone made a really bad joke there. At the time of writing this review, the IMDb page of the film looked like this (screenshot below, pay attention to the description).

So, to sum it up – watch this if you really want to see a bunch of wrestlers in one film. Like already mentioned, there are some cute girls, a short monster truck driving footage, and some female mud wrestling. Nothing else.



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