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REVIEW: DinoShark (2010)

Dinoshark is quite easy to follow – a prehistoric shark (a dinoshark) breaks free in Antarctica, then somehow swims down to Mexico, and starts hunting down stupid humans in small resort town. And, as it usually happens, some people try to kill it. That’s your plot.

Now, the film mostly consists of unknown actors, except for Eric Balfour (who plays the lead), and Roger Corman himself, who plays Dr. Reeves, and who guides our heroes on how the DinoShark can be killed.

I somehow assume, “DinoShark” and “Sharktopus” were shot in the same locations, with the same formula (considering its Corman’s creatures, and he produced both of the films). Since this is a DinoShark review, I will start off by pointing out the negative points of the picture.

The story of the film is really weak (even for a B-movie), DinoShark is of course CGI, and at times it looks really face. However, that’s not what ruined the film for me, what did for sure is the acting.

Nothing against Corman, he aint much of an actor, but Balfour and the rest of the “crew” are mediocre at best, sometimes quite annoying. The ending of the movie was also a bit dissapointing.

However (being brief here), DinoShark is worth checking out for 4 things, at least (in no order):

1. Sexy girls in bikinis.
2. Short footage of surfers going up and under huge waves, looks fantastic.
3. Roger Corman.
4. A strange appearance by an ostrich (!) running towards the seashore (yes, that’s a funny cameo).
5. A scene, where dinoshark jumps out of the water, bites a chopper (!) and drags it into the water. Chopper explodes, and the lead hero (Eric Balfour) says: “You’re gonna need a bigger chopper…”.

So, if you’re a die-hard fan of “shark attack movies”, get this one, along with “Sharktopus”. If not, you can actually skip this, as there are tons of other similar movies out there, that are much more entertaining.

Yes, DinoShark does have gore, and the bodycount is not that little, but it’s still not enough to keep a viewer fully awake. Unless, you would want to watch it till the end, to catch those 5 points I mentioned earlier.


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  1. this film makes me want to eat my own arm so i have sumin to puke up and throw ant the director

  2. Hi Paul, I somehow doubt you would eat your own arm because of this movie. Yep, its trash, but a good one! 🙂

  3. this movie really really really really really really really really really really really really really sucks

  4. “brainless entertainment”, that’s how I like to call it 🙂

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