REVIEW: End of Days, Inc. (2015)


“End of Days, Inc.” introduces us to a group of workers of the “Godfrey Global Inventory” company, that is about to shut down. The company’s boss, Mr. Godfrey (Paulino Nunes) asks the workers to attend a farewell party, and promises generous gifts for everyone.

Once the group agrees and attends the party, Godfrey asks them all to “process the inventory” one more day, and at the end of the day, give each of them a check for $1 million. Everyone agree at first, but by the time they realize what is going on, it just may be too late.

“End of Days, Inc.” is an unexpectedly fresh horror film with some comedic elements. The film borrows a few things from such better known films as Visioneers (2008), Brazil (1985) and 1984 (1984), so if you enjoyed them, you know what to expect, at least partially.

Jennifer Liao makes a quite good, impressive feature film debut, having shot only a few short films prior to this feature.

The film is carried by appealing, vivid characters and a really great fitting cast.

“End of Days, Inc.” isn’t without flaws of course. One of the biggest ones that hits right in the face is the fact that the film’s characters never once seem to question the reality around them. They’ve been working for “Godfrey Global Inventory” for years, never really wondering what their work really is.

Then, once the real supernatural horror of the situation plugs in, the characters continue to behave as if they got stuck in an elevator. Once they start to realize what’s going on, they never once go crazy over it, and just try to survive.

This however isn’t enough to overshadow the perfect flow of the film, it is never boring and the vivid characters just add more spice to the overall viewing experience.


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