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REVIEW: Exit Humanity (2011) + trailer

The story of the film takes place shortly after the American Civil war (1861–1865), ten years later to be precise. We center on young soldier Edward Young (Mark Gibson), who fought bravely alongside his fellow soldiers, soon to find out that the enemies are not just those wearing different uniforms but also flesh-eating zombies.

As the war comes to an end, the disease keep spreading with alarming speed, turning more and more people into the living dead. No one seems to know the cause of the zombie epidemic. Young soon finds himself alone, as his wife is killed, and his son vanishes, and later turns into a zombie.

Going through emotions, Young kills his own son, and gathers his ashes, to later spread them across the waterfall, that his son did not live to see.

So, our hero embarks on a journey, battling off the undead, with only one goal left ahead of him – to make the last wish of his son come true.

As the story is greatly narrated by Brian Cox, we follow Edward Young through his “Exit Humanity” diary, where, as he tells us his story via chapters.

Along his path, he will find some new friends, and even face a much more dangerous enemy than the flesh-eating zombies – a group of trigger-happy soldiers-turned-vandals, led by crazy war veteran, General Williams (Bill Moseley).

If the budget that the IMDB claims the film was made on (approximately $300,000), then it deserves even more credit than it does. Being shot in Canada, the film takes a slightly different approach towards the zombie sub-genre, with a very good cast.

Aside from Brian Cox, who only does narrating here, we have legendary Dee Wallace Stone, horror regular Bill Moseley, and Stephen McHattie – all solid actors capable of delivering great performances, regardless of the film. That’s exactly what they show in “Exit Humanity”. The leading actor Mark Gibson does his part fairly well, somehow looking a lot like Ewan McGregor.

The film is a mix, as it contains both live action and some classical animation. Regarding the zombies – this is not anything like “Dawn of the Dead”, but the SFX is fairly good, and the zombies are slow, just like we like them to be.

The film itself is not really about zombies, despite the cover, but more about a man trying to cope with the loss of his family, and finding enough strength of going on with his life in a world full of flesh-eating creatures. With that said, the film will not be much of fun to those, looking for gore and a lot of “zombie action”.

Despite that, a few “shaky cam” moments, and those unbelievable screams that the heroes are making throughout the whole film, “Exit Humanity” is a solid, somewhat fresh entry in the sub-genre of the living dead, that is definitely worth having in your horror collection. Trailer for the film is below.




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