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REVIEW: Eyeborgs (2009) + trailer

This is how a not-so-distant future is portrayed here: Government invented the Eyeborgs – robots with installed cameras, that spy on everyone, for “security purposes”.

This, in fact is an all-seeing network called the ODIN system (for Optical Defense Intelligence Network). The system includes millions of mobile, robotic surveillance cameras known as “Eyeborgs,” which watch everyone for suspicious behavior, all in the name of security, law enforcement and keeping America safe.

However, some people, including government agent Gunner (Adrian Paul) and a few others, among which is president’s nephew Jarett (Luke Eberl), believe that in reality, Eyeborgs are being controlled by a secret terrorist organization, that plans to assassinate the head of state, and gain control over the whole country as well.

And, since the Eyeborgs “all of a sudden” started killing people left and right, something needs to be done, to save the situation, which is not the easiest of tasks: most of citizens and officials still blindly believe, that Eyeborgs help.

The film pretty much met my expectations – this is a low-budget sci-fi, about “killer robots”, with some familiar actors, which are Adrian Paul and Danny Trejo, who has a minor part in the movie.

The robots, eyeborgs, here are all CGI, and during most action scenes it shows. What’s good is that we get to see various eyeborgs, like little ones with cameras, bigger ones with machine guns, and huge terminator-like ones. Some look like they fell from the outer space, others like I said before, look more like cyborgs.

The story is cheesy, but it could have been done differently – some elements are just plain stupid. One of example is – when a bunch of government agents, along with the lead, Gunner (Adrian Paul) realize that Eyeborgs were transmitting them the fake views, and that the US president doesn’t even exist, a lot of questions arise, which have no answers.

If the president is gone, why no one else has any clue? How come agent Gunner (given his experience) didn’t realize this “set up” before? Hasn’t president made at least one public appearance in a year-two, as now everyone all of a sudden realize he doesn’t exist?

Good thing is, we don’t have this kind of society today – would you want to live in a country, where everything you do is being recorded, and spied on, with one lame excuse – “we’re not watching you, we’re protecting you”? I know I wouldn’t.

President’s nephew is portrayed as a young punk, with purple hair, who plays in some pathetic band (I highly doubt this would have happened to a real nephew of the president himself), and throughout the film, the kid acts like an idiot.

Danny Trejo as “G man” doesn’t have anything interesting to work with, and his screen time is very limited. As for Adrian Paul, all I can say is that he might not deserve an Oscar, but he sure as hell deserves something better than “Eyeborgs”.

So, if you like cheesy sci-fi movies, you might want to give this one a look. This is not the same as “Robotropolis“, but will do just fine for brainless midnight entertainment. Trailer for the movie is below.




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  1. My girlfriend has this huge crush on Adrian Paul, the other night after she got done torturing me Highlander – The Source (What an awful movie), she was telling me about Eyeborgs and what a good B movie it was. This coming after The Source I had big thoughts on her idea of good I will tell you that. Before I took her word for it again, I asked some coworkers at DISH who live to watch every movie ever made, and amazingly they said even though it is rather cheesy it was good.

    Last Thursday I was looking through my 20 movie channels included with my blockbuster @home package and I couldn’t find it playing anywhere, but I was able to find in the DVD by mail section, so I tossed it in to our queue and got it on Saturday. We watched it that night, and admittedly it is a B movie with gaping plot holes, but who cares, Adrian Paul was shooting robots. I expected him to pull a sword and go Highlander on them, but no such luck.

    It even had Danny Trejo in it, until he starred in Machete; he was only cast as a side character, or one that got killed off through the movie. I was impressed with the CGI in it as well, but I never could complain with a good sci-fi what happened to the president and how long has all this been going on for movie.

  2. Well Shaun, that’s the approach one should have for these movies – “who cares, its Adrian Paul shooting robots”, its fun, its cheesy, yet quite entertaining. And speaking of Adrian Paul, I think the man is highly underused, as he could have done a lot more, career wise. Sadly it never went beyond the “Highlander”.

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