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REVIEW: Ferocious Planet (2011)

Syfy’s “Ferocious Planet” is one hell of a B-movie. A thin plot is about two scientists (who look like anything but the scientists) create some device (a machine, as they call it) that is able to show (and ultimately teleport to) parallel dimensions.

As usual, it all goes wrong, right in front of presidental advisors, the senator, the machine malfunctions and our heroes end up on a “ferocious planet” where the sky is pink, forest is everywhere, and a lot of hungry hostile CGI creatures lurk around the place.

The “team of survivors” is led by Colonel Sam Synn (sounds like a bad porn flick name) played by Joe Flanigan.

Throughout the whole movie, Flanigan has this serious bad-ass look on his face, portraying a disgraced army colonel at his best, and seeing the movie as it is (unintentional laughs, cgi monsters, cheesy dialogues), his character’s attitude fits right in.

Another familiar face here is John Rhys-Davies, a great veteran character actor, who nowadays seems to appear mostly in SyFy’s original movies.

This is not the first time Rhys-Davies gets to travel to another dimention (I am sure most of you seen the infamous “Sliders” tv-series), but in here, he sadly does not get enough of screen time for us to enjoy his acting.

Other actors are okay, but the main reason to watch this movie – everything but the acting. We got some great lines here (“Don’t poke the alien!”), some real cheesy dialogue (“This machine needs water to operate, but we dont have any.” – “Can’t we just pee in a cup?”), and the fact that the movie tries to take itself seriously only adds more fun.

The “time travelling machine” looks like it was made in the 50’s, objects other than people seem to travel to parallel dimensions as well – I mean, this is pure b-movie entertainment! To me, it even seemed like a very bad episode of “The Lost World”.

So, this is not the worst of SyFy, but it is entertaining and never boring. “Ferocious Planet” fits into the “so bad, its good” category perfectly. Give it a chance, if you like such movies.


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