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REVIEW: Gallowwalkers (2012)

gallowwalkers-2012-reviewWhile Wesley Snipes’ latest film – “Expendables 3” is not yet released, let’s take a look at another movie of his, that seems to have been in “post-production” forever.

“Gallowwalkers” is a story about a gunman named Aman (Wesley Snipes), who wasn’t around when his love was raped and killed by five bandits. Now Aman is all about revenge, and he goes on to hunt down those five men. He does, and he even succeeds in killing them.

Hours later, he drops dead in the desert, from wounds and heat. We later find out that he’s been brought back to life, among with those whom he killed (aka Gallowwalkers), whom he has to kill again, so he’d be at peace with himself.

The surreal story continues, as Aman recruits a young hot shot to help him battle the undead, as together they prepare to face off with the pack of “those” who have been brought back to life. And, to kill them – in the tradition of zombie movies – one must aim for the head!

One thing has to be clear – Gallowwalkers have nothing to do with zombies. Or vampires. Or werewolves. These are some dead-alive folks that don’t look for fresh brains or blood. They are ugly as hell (some without skin, others rot as the film rolls on). A rather unique take on “the dead” that the film’s synopsis doesn’t explain.

Wesley Snipes must’ve really liked the story, as “Gallowwalkers” really stand out from pretty much everything he’s done before. There are no fights in the film, as “Gallowwalkers” lack action overall – there’s minimum of shooting, but lots of gore, and some cool special effects.

Snipes isn’t acting that hard either – he’s your stone-cold cowboy-type of antihero, driven by revenge for his deceased love.

The supporting cast is good, and Kevin Howarth really shines as the leader of the undead pack, at times reminding young Rutger Hauer.

Patrick Bergin has a rather bit part of a local sheriff, and former WCW and WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page plays “Skullbucket” a helmet-wearing, skin-rotting giant undead that gets into a fight with Snipes, only to be sent back to hell.

“Gallowwalkers” takes its time to introduce viewers to the story, as at first it is unclear who is after who and for what reason. Considering film’s slow pace, it is annoying at times, watching characters wandering in the desert, riding horses or giving each other painfully long “deadly looks”.

Still, fans of Wesley Snipes might get a kick out of “Gallowwalkers”, depending on their expectations.

As previously mentioned – the film stands out, it is not your typical action film, neither it is a cheap “snipes vs zombies” type of sci-fi movie. Think of it as a surreal tale of revenge or something.



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