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REVIEW: Germ (2013)


In one of every 10 movies, the U.S. army makes some kind of fatal mistake that turns out to be too costly for both them and the general population. This was one of those times.

A U.S. satellite in space gets hit by some sort of asteroid, blows up, and the pieces fall to Earth. Some of these pieces fall to a small town, and cause fire near the mountains in the forest.

The army naturally sends sends their people to deal with the issue, so that the locals wouldn’t be asking any questions.

Naturally, it all goes wrong, as the pieces that fell from the sky were contaminated with something, that soon started turning people into flesh-eating zombies…

If you wonder what “Germ” is, then Wikipedia has an interesting explanation. “Germ” is some sort of microorganism that can cause infectious diseases. This is exactly what happens to the residents of the small town in the film.

In the center of it all we have a love story between sheriff Max Brody (Michael Flores) and a local girl named Brooke (Marguerite Sundberg).

The backstory claims the military tried to shoot down the satellite (whoever gave that order?), however in the film it looks like more of an asteroid hitting the satellite.

Anyway, this serves just as an entry point, to provide some sort of explanation on how people started turning into zombies.

From there on, “Germ” turns into your typical zombie film – people scared, running around, trying to barricade themselves in houses and cars, while the hungry zombies run around, trying to bite on a new piece of meat.

IMDb claims the film was made for only $500,000 – which is really a micro budget for this kind of film.

“Germ” has some interesting scenes, solid special effects, and the acting isn’t that bad either. If only more time was devoted to developing the additional story lines, like the sheriff’s love interest, and the satellite crash, it could’ve been better.

Instead, “Germ” takes off rapidly, quickly switching viewers to “zombie action”. Such bleak introduction makes it difficult to care for any of the characters, some of which seemed quite interesting.

Nonetheless, if you like zombie films, definitely check “Germ” out. In other words – The “Germ” is a hidden gem!



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