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REVIEW: Howling Reborn (2011) + trailer


Sadly, I haven’t seen all of the previous “Howling” movies, but I assume this “Howling Reborn” has nothing to with them. Anyway, our plot has one wimpy kid by the name of Will Kidman (Landon Liboiron), who is about to graduate high school.

And, of course he has a bunch of problems: small ones (he likes a girl who can walk all over him), and big ones (um, he gets bitten by a werewolf, and slowly starts turning into one).

So our Harry Potter look-a-like has to make a choice: either to surrender to his primal nature, or turn against his own pack (family) and try to maintain his humanity.

Now, although I am not a very big fan of the werewolf movies, this one had some major flaws. First one was the hero – I know, this is the character, but somehow I didn’t care about him at all, I didn’t care if he survives, or gets eaten somewhere in the middle of the movie.

Same goes for his girl, in my opinion, her character was annoying. Only two known actors to me were Mark Camacho (seems like this guy is in every film, just like Tomas Morales), and Ivana Milicevic (she somehow reminds me of Milla Jovovich), who plays lead hero’s mother.

Now, although I read a few interesting reviews on “Howling Reborn”, I was at least expecting some cool “werewolf action”. There was some, but the wolves costumes seemed laughable, and the film also drags a lot in the middle.

There’s too much time devoted to explanations of “how am I turning into a werewolf”, and Harry Potter looking so weak, I wonder how the wolves didn’t finish him off quickly.

Anyway, in my opinion, there’s nothing in “Howling Reborn” that can surprise you. Entertain you – yes, maybe a little. But nothing cool. If you want some really cool werewolf movie – go track down original “Howling”, or “American werewolf in Paris”.

If you’re into something modern, then re-watch ‘Dog Soldiers”. And…if you’re a die-hard werewolf film fan, you’re going to watch this anyway, but make sure you check out the trailer below first.




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