REVIEW: Human Centipede 2 (2011)

There has been a lot said and written about “Human Centipede 2”. There’s a good phrase in Russian, with a meaning – “there are as many opinions, as there are people”, I don’t know if the same exists in English, but it perfectly fits for this film. Some called it disgusting, others believed this was the new barrier of horror movies, and so on.

Heck, some even called it the most disgusting film of the year, with all the censorship, and countries putting ban on it right and left… So, naturally, I’ve decided to give it a look. And I did…

Story of the film is simple – overweight midget, called Martin (Lawrence Harvey) is as miserable as a man can be – he’s well over 30, still lives with his crazy old mother, he works as a London car park attendant, and watches “Human Centipede, First sequence” over and over again.

Martin knows nothing about medicine, but he has a dream of creating his own human centipede, a complete centipede of 12 people. So, he just starts capturing innocent people, one by one, for his ultimate centipede. He also rents an old place, where he would be “working”…

As far as I know, the film got as much publicity and exposure as possible, because all of a sudden everyone started talking (online) about how gross and disgusting the film was, and so on.

Personally for me, when the film is interesting, I usually read a little about it, and then go on and watch it. Stills from “Human Centipede 2” captured me, so I was looking forward to watching the film.

To be honest, (after reading about all the disgust people expressed, the censorship, etc) I expected something really over-the-top, but was left somewhat disappointed.

Lawrence Harvey, who plays the leading Martin is on the screen almost throughout the whole film, and since most of the “action” starts towards the end of the film, most of the time we see Martin simply “living his bizarre life”, which is boring to say the least.

Besides, Lawrence Harvey has this “unique look” that captures your attention, and in the film it looks even a bit exaggerated (like in some scenes Harvey’s eyeballs look bigger than in real life, to make him look even more crazy/scary), but aside from that, about 70% of the film is boring.

Yes, there’s gore, there are plenty of disgusting scenes, but nothing that bad (maybe the overall audience is getting softer, I don’t know, can’t judge).

The film is memorable, and Tom Six did a great job as director. Ashlynn Yennie returns, as in this “Centipede” film, she plays herself.

And, of course Lawrence Harvey did a fantastic job as Martin. His character looked that creepy, so I paused the film somewhere in the middle, and went on to Youtube to search for “Lawrence Harvey interview”, just to make sure this man can actually smile and talk. Even if Harvey’s film career isn’t launched by “Human Centipede 2”, this film alone made him famous.

I’ve also decided to make it clear, what are the differences between the first “Centipede” and the second one. In particular, the difference between Dr. Heiter (1st Human centipede mad scientist, played by Dieter Laser) and Martin (2nd Human centipede villain, played by Lawrence Harvey).

Heiter was a doctor, who knew what he was doing (think medically accurate), while Martin was a simple copycat, trying to go a little further, with a few more people.

At some point, I felt sorry for Martin, because he’s not really a villain, but a sick man, who needs help, but all people around him are either crazy (like his mom), or ignorant (like everyone else), so there’s no one to stop him or try to help. And, when such people like Martin are left alone, they can do all kinds of things…things like human centipede.

So, if you like gross, disgusting movies, give it a look. Don’t expect anything interesting story wise, and you just might enjoy the film. Although everything is shot in black and white (just like Scorcese’s Raging Bull), I wouldn’t recommend people with weak stomachs watching it.



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  1. I think the movie Human Centipede 2 is the most disturbing movie I’ve probably ever seen, and I don’t usually feel weird after watching Horror films, but this time I thought I would never get the sick and twisted images out of my head. It was one of those movies that are so horrible that you can’t look away. You want to, but you just can’t. My mouth was wide open the entire film. I was especially freaked out when the pregnant lady ran out of the building, and escaped in the car. I don’t want to give away what happens, so I’ll just say, they could have done without the whole birthing scene. It was truly the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. I even said that whoever made this movie has to have something wrong with them.

  2. Kissy, at least now you know what all the fuzz was about:) Human Centipede 2 is of course not for everyone. But to be honest, there are a lot worse movies out there (try watching Lucifer Valentine’s movies…), and Human Centipede is just one of those films, that tries to push the viewer beyond the limit. The difference is that everyone have their own limits. Thanks for leaving your opinion!

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