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REVIEW: Ice Road Terror (2011) + trailer

By looking at the cover of “Ice Road Terror”, I somehow was thinking “Joy Ride” on some ice road. Then I realized it was an “original SyFy movie”, and I thought, ok in this case, there has to be some sort of a monster in there. And, there was…

Film tells a story (surprisingly, inspired by the popular reality series “Ice Road Truckers”) of two Alaskan truckers (Ty Olsson and Dylan Neal), who are sent to deliver some equipment to a remote diamond mine. Oh yes, they also have to take a young scientist (stunningly beautiful Brea Grant) along for the ride.

Little do they know, is that there was a blast at the mine, and this blast awakened some giant prehistoric beast from under the ice.

So, naturally the creature is hungry, and it starts feeding on the workers at the mine. By the time our heroes reach the mine, almost everyone is eaten, and now they have to figure out how to stop the monster, while being stranded in the wilderness.

Director of the film Terry Ingram has some of these TV-movies under his belt, and this seems like another good addition.

In here, he re-teams with writer Keith Shaw, after they both worked on the “Phantom Racer”. I also noticed that both “Phantom Racer” and “Ice Road Terror” have a character named “Tanner”.

As for the movie itself, its a mediocre monster movie, with a CGI beast (they found some great roar sounds for the creature!), and a couple of CGI shots of trucks moving on an ice road.

Actors seem comfortable in their parts, and Brea Grant has such a great smile, it practically makes you stay glued to the screen the whole time.

So, if you’re into monster movies, give this one a look. CGI is not that bad here, and overall, its an enjoyable little SyFy movie. Below is a short promo-trailer for the film.




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