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REVIEW: Jurassic Attack (2013)


Helicopter with Professor Roxton (Michael Worth) falls somewhere in the jungle, and despite the crash, professor survives, only to encounter alive dinosaurs in the area.

Thank God, while T-Rex was busy choking on the pilot, Roxton manages to escape…

Five years later, a squad of army soldiers led by captain John Steakley (Gary Stretch) is on a mission in the same area – to find and rescue a female biochemist captured and held captive by ruthless dictator Marquez (Israel Saez de Miguel).

Steakley and his men are instructed by Colonel Carter (Corin Nemec) to rescue the girl and destroy a biochemical weapon that Marquez might have in possession.

As it usually happens, the mission is screwed, as Steakley and his men are shot down in a helicopter by the opposing side, and they end up in the same place, where Professor Roxton disappeared years ago.

It doesn’t take long before they find this secret “dinosaur plateau”, along with Roxton, that claims he knows a way out of this “lost world”.

Meanwhile, Agent Grimaldi (Vernon Wells) has already given an order to terminate the whole area, because of the biochemical threat.

“Jurassic Attack” started off nicely. Michael Worth, whom many remember as the good-looking lead in a couple of martial arts flicks from the late 90s, early 2000’s, here portrays a crazy professor that lives with dinosaurs.

Worth himself said it was a “memorable shoot with cool people”… it sure has been, however the end result turned out to be completely dreadful.

Putting aside the fact that all dinosaurs are CGI, so are the gun shots, explosions, and even helicopters.

The acting is bearable, thanks to a bunch of people, who know how to act, such as Vernon Wells, Corin Nemec, Michael Worth and Gary Stretch.

Wells and Nemec have very limited screen time in the film, so the only significance they bring to the film is the ability to put their names on the DVD cover.

The plot is unpolished, full of holes that seem to have no logical explanation.

We’re never explained how come Roxton managed to live among dinosaurs for 5 years, without being eaten, and without any food? Or how come a male “U.S. Army” squad member has earrings?

If we can overlook the cheesiness, crappy dialogue, and some truly idiotic scenes (girl shoots giant dinosaur from 3 meters, Steakley asks her where she learned to shoot like that), there’s still one major problem that ruins the film, and that is CGI dinosaurs.

By themselves, they look rather cool, the awfulness starts when they begin attacking soldiers. It looks cartoonish, lame, and not funny.

While, obviously, like Michael Worth said he had fun on set, probably so did the other actors – for viewers, the film doesn’t really offer anything worth mentioning.



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  1. I have to agree. The real horror is the movie itself. And where on earth did they manage to get money to make that?

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