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REVIEW: Kids Get Dead 2 (2014)

kids get dead 2

By Tim Tal

There are films that start off slow, and then slowly pick up the tension as the story progresses. “Kids Get Dead 2” is anything but that.

In the first five minutes we get a taste of what to expect from this independent slasher: first, a buxom hostess named Peaches McNeil sets the tone, and then we quickly cut to a living room, where a lucky geek is about to get laid by a nice blonde.

The blonde is topless (you get to see that), and she even gives a blowjob to the geek (yes, you get to see that too, sort of). The fun is interrupted by a big, dark-clothed killer in a gas mask, who appears just in time to kill the lovebirds in a very brutal way. Thumbs up to the special effects team!

Reminding that all of the above (boobs, blowjob, two brutal kills) happen in the first five minutes of the film. Are you hooked already?

Anyway, “Kids Get Dead 2” picks up basically where the first film left off. The protagonist, Casey is obsessed with finding the writer of a mysterious novel that foretold the brutal murder of her brother at the hands of a masked maniac.

To spice things up, we have a “usual” bunch of teenagers who are all about getting drunk, smoking weed, getting laid and everything in between. Little do they know, that the killer is lurking in the shadows nearby, and soon they won’t even have time to beg for mercy…

“Kids Get Dead 2” is a rather good entry in the slasher subgenre, as it has all the necessary ingredients for the hungry fans. There’s a classic masked killer, naked chicks, boobs, stupid teenagers, a crazed writer, and some really gory death scenes.

Speaking of death scenes, the special effects are overall good – it would’ve been interesting to see the film’s reception had it more funds to spend on special effects.

The acting is below average, as you could expect in this kind of film. Some actors are clearly amateurs, but their parts do not require them to deliver Oscar-worthy performances. It’s a slasher movie, remember?


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