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REVIEW – Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon (2013)

legendary-tomb-of-dragon-2013Who’d have thought that Scott Adkins, a man who became famous for doing probably the most jaw-dropping DTV action movies ever, would be playing a cryptozoologist in a new film? That’s exactly what we get with “Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon”.

Travis Preston (Adkins) and his team are working all over the world to prove existence (or non-existence) or various species, previously unknown to man. Basically, they search for cryptids.

In cryptozoology, a cryptid is a creature or plant whose existence has been suggested but is not recognized by scientific consensus (Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, etc).

There is however one member of Preston’s team, who is a cold-blooded hunter, and who is more worried about his trophy than saving a cryptid, that’s Jim Harker (Dolph Ludgren).

On one such expedition, an unexpected accident with a bear, leads to one of Preston’s team members being killed. Harker and Preston are no friends, and this accident only fuels their hate for each other.

Fast forward to Preston’s office some time later, as a wealthy man offers him a chance to go on a fully-sponsored expedition to search for a cryptid that is wreaking havoc in a remote village in China. Preston is unaware of the fact that Harker is also on the cryptid, and he agrees.

One thing that has to be said in advance about “Legendary” is that no, Adkins and Lundgren did not fall to the bottom of the barrel if they’re doing this “silly monster movie”. While not entirely perfect, the creature effects in the film are way better than in usual Asylum sci-fi movies.

“Legendary” is an adventure movie, and for both Lundgren and Adkins follow this line, so there are no martial arts in the film. If you’re looking for that, might as well skip the film completely. There is an exception though – Adkins does punch Lundgren once in the film…

Now, Scott Adkins doesn’t really fits into being a cryptozoologist, but he’s doing his best. And it’s nice to see him do something different for a change. Lundgren’s part is not that vivid, and the rest of the cast are simply being supportive.

On the other hand, the acting is good, the scenery and locations are great, as most of the action takes place outside (hills, lake, caves, you know).

The ending leaves a very big room for a sequel, which might or might not star the leading characters of “Legendary”. If they can dig up an interesting cryptid, the sequel might as well be made. Until then, you can check out “Legendary”.



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