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REVIEW: Machete Joe (2010) + trailer

The film starts off as we see a young boy watching his mother “getting at it” with some drunk, ripped Bob Marley look-a-like in a barn.

It all goes wrong, as the drunk dude tries to kill the woman, with her little son, Joe, trying to help. Without spoiling things up – the boy survives, while his mother dies in that very barn.

Now, decades later, a group of out-of-work actors, and crew, come to the same area (some strange strange castle), to shoot a low-budget horror film.

They struggle to have common understanding of how the process should go, director argues with producer all the time, and the actors care about their egos a lot more than they do for the actual movie.

All of a sudden, a mysterious killer appears, and starts whacking the crew one by one. As it always happens in these cases, one or two heros survive, and stop the murderer.

The movie did have a nice start, I enjoyed the backstory on the killer, however from there on it all goes downhill. The acting in the film is awful. I understand the creators wanted to go as cheap as possible but in this case, wooden acting gets on your nerves too much.

Ernie Hudson appears for a few minutes as a local sheriff, and his part could have easily been played by some unknown actor. I wonder how they got him into the picture in the first place.

I assume Hudson did his part as a favor to someone connected with the film, since he’s still capable of doing good films, and not junk like Machete Joe.

Special effects are pretty much non-existent, and from the technical point of view, everything is very amateurish. There are a few gore scenes, though.

The majority of the actors in the film are black, I wonder why they restrained themselves from hiring any white ones.

So, even if you do dig slasher movies, you can easily skip this one – there are barely a couple of entertaining scenes, with everything else being quite bad. Not recommended, but you can check out the trailer below.




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