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REVIEW: Magic Man (2010) + trailer

Krell Darius (perfectly fit for the part Billy Zane) is a world famous magician, who gives performances almost every evening in Las Vegas. Tatiana (Estelle Raskin) along with her friends Elena and Vera go from NY to Las Vegas just to see Darius perform his share of magic tricks.

Tatiana has her own reasons for seeing Darius: her mother tragically died, while working for another magician Treadwell (Andrew Divoff), and Tatiana believes Darius has an answer or two for her, regarding mother’s death.

The other part of the story has 2 cops, Simpson (Robert Davi) and Orloff (Alexander Nevsky) chasing down scumbags all over Las Vegas, night after night.

They’re the ones who will have to deal with Tatiana’s case, when her friends are suddenly killed one after another.

A rather strange movie, with a bunch of good and not so good actors. First, I have to say that Billy Zane did a great job with his character Darius, very believable, and funny too.

There’s also Bai Ling as Darius’ assistant (I could never understand why Ling continues to get somewhat good movie parts, she’s not a good actress, she’s not that cute, and overall a weak addition to any movie).

Armand Assante and Richard Tyson both have small parts as cops, and Andew Divoff as magician Treadwell doesn’t have enough screen time to show what he can do, and he can do a lot, believe me.

Robert Davi has been playing cops (federal agents, CIA guys, special forces, etc) for so long, he’s become pretty good at it. As for Alexander Nevsky, the guy has good looks, but his acting is awful. Since “Magic Man” doesn’t have any action, Nevsky’s weak acting is disposed, and it really irritates the viewer.

I wasn’t surprised to see Brent Huff as the writer of this movie, as he already worked with both Davi and Nevsky before (in “The Bad Pack” and “Treasure Raiders” respectively).

However, like I pointed out already, cute girls and name actors can’t save the film – there’s just not enough action.

A few magic tricks are not enough to fully entertain the viewer (and the directing is sloppy sometimes – we can actually see how some tricks are performed), and Nevsky should have been used more physically, that’s what he would have been good at, not trying to act.

Anyway, to sum it up, the film is watchable only because of the actors (Zane, Davi, Divoff, Assante), and nothing much else. No action, awful acting at times, and overall a forgettable b-movie flick.

No miracles this time, but if you do want to see Billy Zane walking on water, you can see “Magic Man” once. Trailer is below.




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