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REVIEW: Metal Tornado (2011) + trailer

Ah, scientists. Once again, they’re messing with nature, and will have to pay the price. “Metal Tornado” is about a bunch of scientists from the “Helios World” Company in Pennsylvania, that claims it found a way to harvest unlimited energy from the solar flares. Company’s CEO Johanthan Kane (Greg Evigan) believes his project is the real solution for the energy crisis.

Meanwhile, another scientist in New Jersey, Steven Winters, who is a former employee of “Helios World” recreates the “Helios Project” at home, replicates it, and his tests show that the project is not safe, and that it actually is a threat to people. He tries to warn Kane, but fails.

When the “Helios project” is officially launched, and the absorption of the solar energy starts, it goes exactly as Winters thought: 2% of the gathered energy is leaked, and it turns into a metal tornado (rogue magnetic vortex), that moves around the surrounding areas, magnetically polarizing everything.

Astro-physicist Michael Edwards (Lou Diamond-Phillips), happens to be the only one concerned about that above mentioned 2% energy leak, and he starts his own investigation, while Kane tries to sell his new product to France.

With this all happening, the nearby cities are soon to be destroyed, as metal tornado is moving around. A worst man-made disaster of the century…how can it be stopped?

Honestly, I expected “Metal Tornado” would be a lot worse. I mean, both Greg Evigan and Lou Diamond-Phillips are okay actors, but they’ve been in this “low-budget sci-fi pit” for some time now.

This cannot be counted as an attempt to get out, but nonetheless the film is watchable. I cannot say how much of the story is true, as I am no good at physics, but it looks good.

There is a fair amount of CGI used here, however it was done good, not overused as in some other cheap sci-fi flicks of the same caliber. The acting is okay, yet there are flaws of course…

One, for example, is the “France hate”…I mean, why do they hate France so much?

In the movie, we see (spoiler!) Eiffel Tower get torn to pieces by the metal tornado, half of Paris is gone, while our heroes manage to save one U.S. city of Philadelphia.

Other than these minor flaws, “Metal Tornado” is watchable. Check out the trailer below.




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