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REVIEW: Midget Zombie Takeover (2013)


No, you haven’t seen all that a “zombie horror” film sub-genre can offer.

We’ve had classic zombies, zombie animals, zombie kids, and now…we’re having midget zombies!

Amanda (Kristi McKay) is so happy that her parents have to away for the weekend, that she invites a bunch of friends to the house…for a hot tub party!

The party begins, as bikini-wearing girls jump into water, boys start cooking hamburgers, and everyone seems to have a great time.

A bit later, while cracking jokes and playing badminton, the kids stumble upon a weirdo, who gives then an evil prediction, that they will “all die soon”, since the night of the full moon is coming.

Of course no one takes him seriously. Too bad. They should have. Suddenly the hot tub party is crashed by, guess who, the midget zombies!

Our heroes try to barricade themselves in the house, trying to figure out how to survive the day, while the zombies seem to be multiplying by the minute outside their windows…

“Midget Zombie Takeover” offers exactly what it promises – midget zombies are trying to take over, while people trying to fight them off.

Speaking of people – you would be trying really hard to actually like any of these kids. They claim to be friends yet never once in a film help someone. They never use a damn phone, trying to call for help. They kiss each other for no reason and have sex while midget zombies are in the house!

However if you think no one would watch something like this – the film has already brought back its $2,000 budget, and is being screened in the U.S. one location after another.

If you’re curious about a memorable moment in the film, there are a couple, with one really standing out…

“Billy killing Molly after she starts to turn into a zombie” – the film is worth seeing at least once for that scene alone.

Make no mistake – “Midget Zombie Takeover” is a low-budget horror comedy with cheesy dialogue, wooden acting and strange music.

The more Glenn Berggoetz makes movies – the more we wish he had a bigger budget.



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