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REVIEW: Mimesis (2011)


Friends Duane (Allen Maldonado) and Russell (Taylor Piedmonte) get invited to a strange horror party by Judith (Lauren Mae Shafer).

Neither of them know what to expect of the party, yet being fans of horror movies, they agree to come.

As it usually happens at parties, our heroes get drunk, and wake up at a place, they don’t recognize. Russell wakes up at a cemetery, while Duane wakes up in a truck, parked nearby.

All of a sudden, zombies appear out of nowhere, and start attacking everyone. Russell gets bitten in the neck.

The girl that wakes up near Russell, manages to escape, and later joins Duane, and the two try to barricade themselves in the house, where other survivors hide.

Soon the survivors realize that they are living a horror film, “Night of the Living Dead” in particular.

Why watch a horror movie, when you can live one – that is the whole idea behind “Mimesis” – which means imitation.

The film could have as well used the title “Party of the Living Dead”, to be more attractive marketing wise.

Nonetheless, “Mimesis” is interesting. Seems like it is the first film that openly tries to “imitate” George Romero’s classic “Night of the Living Dead”.

Obviously made for very little money, just like the film it “imitates”, Douglas Schulze’s “Mimesis” also sends an important message, regarding the affection horror movies have on people.

“Mimesis” is not completely amateur, as there are a couple of cool cameos, one from horror icon Sid Haig (Night of the Living Dead 3D), and S. William Hinzman (original Night of the Living Dead).

At first it is unclear, why the characters bitten by zombies do not turn into ones, and why zombies sometimes walk slow and sometimes run like humans.

The film reveals “the homage idea” a little too late, which in turn makes viewers believe they’re watching a really lame zombie film, without any explanation where the creatures came from.

While the film does not have any “real zombies”, there’s enough of kills, and gory moments that were done rather good. SFX team gets a thumb up.

So if you’re expecting something new from a zombie horror sub-genre, give “Mimesis” a look. For the budget the filmmakers had ($500,000 – IMDb), they did a great job.



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