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REVIEW: Monsters in the Woods (2012) + trailer

Monsters in the Woods? Really? It seems like so. We start off with a movie crew that is trying to shoot their micro-budget horror movie in some woods. Glenn Plummer is Jason, the director, and the rest of the crew is as inexperienced as you can imagine.

This seems to be the perfect example of how hard it is to work on a film with people who have no idea about acting, as Jason just cannot seem to be able to control the process.

The point is, Jason has to sell the movie, and the producers want more gore and nudity, so Jason is out here in the wilderness with his crew, to shoot these additional scenes.

Little do they all know, that this is going to be their last shoot. Soon, the crew finds itself in the midst of a real horror movie, as a horde of bloodthirsty monsters start killing them off one by one, for real.

In advance, its safe to say, that even I was surprised by the $30,000 budget, after I watched the film. I somehow believed its nearly impossible to make a decent movie for that kind of money. The point is, director Jason Horton did it, and it even was distributed.

As for the movie itself – well, what do you expect for that kind of money? Awful acting (excluding Glenn Plummer, I have no idea how the director got him into this kind of movie), cheap special effects, truly a pathetic story, and some brief nudity thrown in.

Following my own “there’s always something good in every bad movie” quote, yes there are a few good things in “Monsters in the Woods”.

One of them, like already mentioned is Glenn Plummer. He gets to talk in a few scenes, before dying after 20 minutes into the film, and the rest of the film is handled by other “actors”.

Another good thing here is – get ready – the monsters. Guess what, they’re not CGI, which I can always appreciate. In my opinion, its better to have a stupid monster suit, rather than a computer created monster. Did I mention there’s some nudity too? There you go – three good things in a movie for $30,000.

Sadly, everything else is just plain awful. What irritated me the most, was the script. It seems like it was written in one day, and during the shoot they had to improvise, and the improvisation did not come out very good.

The dialogs are as cheesy as they can get, with “really?” being thrown in every 10 minutes, and short talks about earthquakes being “2.2 or 5.7” popping out every 5 minutes. I’d really like to think that all of this was written on the run, which would explain the stupidity.

Another thing that should have been thought of is camera work. Almost 90 percent of the film is shaking so much, you cannot really see anything, except for “bits and pieces”.

I’d recommend this film for those, who actually plan making their own no-budget horror movie, and this could be used as a learning material (yes, watch it once, and learn what you should NOT do).

Sadly, except for those three things I mentioned earlier, the film has nothing to offer. I hope Jason Horton’s next feature film will be much better than this. Trailer for the film is below.




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