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REVIEW: Muckman (2009)

A lousy reality TV show about various monsters, aliens and paranormal entities called “Creature Seekers” hosted by Mickey O’Hara (Steve Diasparra) is about to get closed down, as a result of an accident on set.

During the episode about the “Muckman”, a mysterious giant creature, the cameraman forgets to switch off the camera between the takes, and it turns out that the Muckman is simply a man wearing a suit.

After such disaster, O’Hara is about to get fired, yet he convinces his boss to give him another chance, to go into the backwoods, to search for the “real Muckman”, whom nobody else has ever seen. O’Hara believes the Muckman exists, and he is given one last chance.

So, the team is gathered up, and leaves for the destination point. They are welcomed by Cletus (Ken Van Sant), a local guide, who tells them about the Muckman, and the crew will spend several days in the woods cabin, gathering information on the Muckman, hoping to catch the creature on camera.

Poor, unsuspecting cameramen and a female driver, have no idea that the trip is a lot more than they bargained for. They soon are forced to realize that their TV host has his own plans regarding the Muckman…which in fact really does exist.

“Muckman” is a creation of the Polonia Brothers production, which is widely known among the low-budget movie fans. Founded by two twin brothers Mark Polonia and John Polonia have made quite a big amount of low-budget movies, until John Polonia’s sudden death in 2008.

After that, his brother Mark has continued to make movies, with long-time collaborator Brett Piper. “Muckman” is one of such low-budget creations, written by Polonia, and directed by Piper.

The films of Polonia brothers never had big budgets, and “Muckman” is no exception, being made for only $50,000 according to IMDB. Despite being made on such a tiny budget, the film actually has some soul in it.

One good thing to say about “Muckman” is that the monster is all old school – there’s no CGI to be seen. Same can be said about one other scene that is made completely in stop-motion animation – that brought a smile to my face, actually.

Acting is below mediocre, yet it really looks like the actors are having as much fun as they can. There’s plenty of cheesiness in a lot of scenes (the bikini-in-the-water-wrestling scene is actually good!), and there’s even some overacting, mostly from leading actress A.J. Khan, yet overall she was very very believable in her part. Polonia himself appears in the film as one of the backwoods hillbillies.

Overall, “Muckman” is a cheesy, low-budget horror flick that some filmmakers can make within a couple of weekends. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all, which is probably one of the reasons to watch the film in the first place. Give it a look, if you’re in the mood.



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