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REVIEW: Night Claws (2012)


Here we have another bigfoot horror flick, long-awaited by the fans of the horror genre. And there are of course reasons for “Night Claws” to be long-awaited, but first things first.

A small U.S. town is being terrorized by a giant killer bigfoot. Our creature is big, nasty, and kills without hesitation, tearing unsuspecting people apart in the woods.

Sheriff Kelly (Reb Brown) and his deputy Glickman (Sherrie Rose) are investigating the murders, not realizing it is a bigfoot they’re dealing with.

Meanwhile, former special forces Hunter Crawford (David Campbell) is roaming the woods, along with his dumb henchmen, hunting down the creature himself, for his own personal reasons. He’s not really a good guy, as he doesn’t stop at anything to capture the beast.

While the body count continues to rise, a university researcher and scientist Sarah Evans (Leilani Sarelle) arrives into the town, and ends up with the police, helping them to stop the creature.

And then there are two nice twists towards the end of the film, which, of course, we will not be spoiling here. Let’s better move on.

David A. Prior, a veteran filmmaker, knows how to make low-budget movies, like no other. It is safe to assume, that him and producer Fabio Soldani are responsible for assembling a really good cast of familiar faces in this little indie horror flick.

226627_170243049696295_155190431201557_364098_13First of all – Reb Brown. Yes, that is The Reb Brown, who was “Captain America”, shot robots in the jungle in the 80s, and battled with Lou Ferrigno in the cage in the 90’s.

Brown did not appear on screen since 1998, and this is his first, and hopefully not last, appearance in the movie.

While Brown has aged, and his acting shows his absense from the movies, he still looks like he could go a round or two with anyone.

Then, there’s director David A. Prior’s brother, Ted Prior – a legend in his own right.

Prior has been in lots of action movies, including the classic “Deadly Prey”, which has also been directed by his brother.

Here, Prior meets with another actor – David Campbell, whom he battled in “Deadly Prey” in the 80’s, and there’s even an interesting reference to that in the film.

Sherrie Rose may not be as striking as she was during her glory days in the early 90’s, yet she still is attractive, and definitely should be getting more work.

Frank Stallone appears out of nowhere in the film, and delivers a great performace as a mysterious Mr. Testi. Despite having a very limited screen time, Stallone makes an impact, with his “don’t mess with me” attitude.

Pretty much the same performance is given by David Campbell, who seems to have been born to play villains.

“Night Claws” is somewhere mediocre, if ranked among other bigfoot movies. It is worse than “Abominable”, yet much better than most recent bigfoot movies.

Being a low-budget effort, just like most of David A. Prior’s movies, “Night “Claws” manages to capture attention of the specific audience it was made for.

Oh, there’s also a fantastic soundtrack at the end, “I believe in the battle”, that the fans of the 80’s action movies should definitely dig.

So, if you’re simply a fan of bigfoot movies, you might as well skip “Night Claws”. However if you know who Prior, Stallone, Rose, and Brown are, then definitely give it a look. There’s also a still gallery here, that we published earlier.



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