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REVIEW: Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation (2012) + trailer

Gerald Tovar Jr (Andrew Divoff) is the owner of the “Tovar and son” funeral home. Definitely not the best job in the world, however Tovar inherited it from his father – not something you can just sell right away, so Tovar keeps the things going.

However he does have a small secret – from time to time, the deal folks in his crematorium wake up as zombies and start wandering around looking for some human flesh. In this case, Tovar takes his shovel and uses it to “silent” the zombies. Yes, kind of like “Francesco Dellamorte”.

As it usually happens, some poor State Inspector of Funeral Cemetery and Consumer Services comes to check on Tovar’s business, and some zombie gets loose and bites the poor inspector in the neck. There’s also a new girl Christie (Sarah Lieving) who wants to work for Tovar and she doesn’t know yet of Tovar’s little secret.

Tovar sees his problems get bigger, as all of a sudden his younger brother Harold (Jeffrey Combs) arrives, asking for money. Eventually, more zombies get loose and start feeding on Tovar’s employees and he has to somehow keep all this chaos under control…

“Never a God-damn zombie around when you need one!” – Gerald Tovar Jr.

First of all, as someone who’s seen truly a lot of horror movies, both good and bad, I’d like to note that this is not “the worst zombie movie ever”. Not even close. First, we’ll start with positive things “Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation” has.

First such thing is Andrew Divoff. A really talented actor is mostly known for his bitter parts in big budget movies and cult horror movies as “Wishmaster”. Here, Divoff gets a rather rare chance of showing off his acting skills, and since he gets a very big amount of screen time – he’s actually the one who makes the film more entertaining than it is.

Unlike Divoff, legendary horror actor Jeffrey Combs here does not shine, he keeps delivering his lines without any enthusiasm, and looks like an overweight Adolf Hitler with a funny mustache.

Although he’s a nice addition to Divoff and Sarah Lieving, who has also done quite some horror movies up to date. “Die Hard’s” Dennis Hayden has a small part as a “tall zombie” in the film. I am not even going to write about Denice Duff, who plays “Sister Sara”, and looks exactly like Sarah Palin!

There aren’t many zombies in the film, and they’re slow, just like in the classic “Night of the Living Dead”. In fact, there are quite a few nods to George Romero’s movies, such as “Pittsburgh is the capital of zombies”, and “they’re Romero Zombies”, and so on.

Zombie make-up is bearable, and some of the special effects are pure CGI, which was done probably due to budget constraints.

Story seems to be half-baked, as no real reason for the dead coming back to life is explained, only bits and pieces here and there. Another letdown would be the little amount of “zombie action”.

Despite all this, “Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation” is enjoyable in its own sense, definitely being a mediocre zombie film, and not among the worst ever.

If you are a Divoff or Combs fan – give it a look. If you’re a die-hard zombie fan like me, you might enjoy the film as well. Check out the trailer below.




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