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REVIEW: Night of the Living Heads (2010)


“Night of the Living Heads”, as you’ve probably already guessed, deals with zombies, and not with some separate living heads. The film could’ve as well been titled “Pothead zombies” or something.

The story of the film tells us about a local drug lord from Jamaica, who sends his dealer to the U.S., with some “goods”, that have never been sold on American soil.

It doesn’t take long before the dealer finds some young potheads and sells them this stuff from Jamaica.

Of course, prior to that he tells them a spooky little story about a curse. He didn’t mention though that this “curse” turns anyone who smokes this Jamaican pot into a flesh-eating zombie.

So, one of the potheads says his parents are gone for the weekend, and naturally a “smokefest of the ages” is being planned. With the newly purchased Jamaican weed, this promises to be a night to remember…

However before the party even starts, people begin to smoke the “cursed weed”, and almost instantly turn into zombies that want nothing but fresh human meat…

“Night of the Living Heads” is really below an average “bad” zombie movie. First of all, the actors who are on screen most of the time – can’t act at all. They’re so boringly frustrating it’s ridiculous!

What is worse is that the story doesn’t allow us to care for any of the characters. The leading pothead is frustrating, the drug dealer looks as helpless as he can, and the fat guy who gets caught in the shower jerking off and then turns into a zombie killer – come on.

Despite a few nice “neck bites”, the zombie effects are lame as well – mostly our flesh eaters have painted faces and bulging eyes. This might be the budget thing, but nonetheless.

Overall, “Night of the Living Heads” is really a story about a night of the living (pot)heads. Just a very lame, and forgettable night. Even for the zombie film fans.



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