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REVIEW: Night Wolf aka 13Hrs (2010) + trailer

13 Hrs film

Sarah Tyler (Isabella Calthorpe) returns to UK, after studying in the United States. She is excited to get reunited with her troubled family in the isolated countryside, yet it seems like something is wrong.

While her father is happy to see her back, her brothers bear a grudge on her for leaving the family without notice years ago.

Sarah’s friend Emily (the buxom, gorgeous Gemma Atkins) is in love with the elder brother Stephen (Peter Gadiot), who starts updating Sarah on the recent happenings in the family – it seems like their mother has been cheating on their father, and the sons know the whole story.

While Sarah tries to put all the lost pieces together, something terrifying comes out of the driving rain and darkness. Something that holds a dark family secret, and it is so devastating that, in one night, it could wipe out the entire family…

When the film was just starting, I assumed it was another Asylum “creature feature” with cheap-looking werewolves.

When I heard British accents, it was a relief, as I started to expect something better. Towards the end of the film, I knew there was some effort put in this, that has paid off.

Directed by Jonathan Glendening, “Night Wolf” takes itself quite seriously, while following one of the established genre formulas, when a bunch of mid 20s are forced to play “cat and mouse” game with something very very evil.

Despite the title, the film does not just give you a classic werewolf, but relies a bit deeper on the story.

Glendening and writer Adam Phillips build up the necessary suspense, set up the right tone, so the film is very balanced, horror wise.

The actors do their job solidly, while not shining away with fantastic performances, that are not really expected in today’s horror movies.

The vast majority of the male audience would of course be paying attention to one of the actresses, in particular Gemma Atkinson. I was wrong, thinking her character would be killed off in the first 20 minutes of the film.

The famous glamour model not only wears some revealing clothes in the film, she is also required to do some acting. Good thing is – she succeeds, and thus keeps the viewers awake for the time she’s on screen. Did I mention that she also has the most horrifying “death scene” in the whole film?

Speaking of the monster itself and the special effects – no worries – there is no CGI, everything is done the old-fashioned way, and there are no flaws here, except for the fact that the monster is, for the most time, hidden in the night, so we don’t get to see it until the very end.

Like already mentioned before, “Night Wolf” is not your standard werewolf flick, as the film offers a bit more both regarding the monster, and the story.

Speaking of the story, the background on the monster is not thoroughly explained, which can be assessed both as a positive or a negative factor.

Overall, the film is definitely worth checking out if you are into horror movies, and especially “creature” films. Also make sure you check out the trailer below.




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