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REVIEW: Osombie (2012) + trailer

“Osombie” starts off with a military operation going on in Abottabad (Pakistan) – a place where Osama Bin Laden has been hiding for some time.

Abbottabad is some 60 miles by winding mountainous roads north of Pakistan’s capital. The city is a popular retirement place for officers in the Pakistani army, partly because of its military academy, but also because of its agreeable climate.

Despite that however, Abottabad and its neighboring districts are also familiar territory to al Qaeda and other extremist groups. This was the hideout for the number one terrorist, Osama Bin Laden.

An armed U.S. team goes in, trying to capture Bin Laden (who sleeps alone in the house, surprisingly), and they stumble upon something truly horrific – zombies! Bin Laden has been keeping them close, and upon seeing U.S. Special Forces team, he releases the undead.

After a short bloodbath, Bin Laden injects himself with something, and gets shot by the U.S. soldiers quickly after… Good thing was – Bin Laden was finally dead. Bad thing was – he was about to return back to life as a zombie…

Fast forward – we’re in Rigestan desert (Afghanistan), where a group of U.S. soldiers try to stay alive by battling hordes of the undead that wander the desert, looking for fresh meat to feast upon.

Soon, the soldiers are joined by Duffy (stunning Eve Mauro), who is searching for her brother – a nutcase who believes Bin Laden is alive and he’s on a mission to kill him.

So you might be wondering – how did the zombies appear there in the first place? Well, as the film explains it – after the 9/11 attacks, George Bush started the “war on terror” and the U.S. reportedly transferred some biological weapons to the ally-countries.

Of course someone sells out, the classified info leaks, and the weapon ends up in the wrong hands. From there on its easy – biological weapon creates biological mutation – dead folks start coming back to life, and Bin Laden is among them.

No matter how silly or crazy it all sounds – this film is worth watching at least once, if you’re a horror fan. The reason is simple: I doubt that anytime soon anyone will make something like this (Osama Bin Laden and zombies in a movie) again. Let’s go further.

While the film has enough of CGI (helicopters, some blasts, you know, the usual), zombie make-up looks good, and there’s plenty of action. What I personally liked is that the whole film takes place on an open territory – Afghanistan, remember?

A letdown for me was the characters – as there are enough of them, but no one really to root for. They were all either too bleak or too cocky, I couldn’t pick a favorite throughout the whole movie.

So, while this is a definitely a low-budget effort, fans of the zombie movie sub-genre would be satisfied. “Osombie” is pure entertainment, it is never boring and if you can swallow the silly script and cheesy lines, you will enjoy it. Feel free to check out the trailer below (the film is actually better than the trailer).




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