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REVIEW: Overtime (2011) + TRAILER, Behind the Scenes


Raph (Al Snow) and Max (John Wells) are the bounty hunters that work by a specific scheme. Their boss, powerful attorney Sam (Katie Stewart ) cashes big paychecks for getting her clients (drug dealers, murderers, and so on) off the hook.

She then notifies Raph and Max, who follow the recently-released “clients” and kill them for good. Of course, they get paid after the work is done. The last job however, turned out to be something entirely different…

The latest killed “client” had a partner, who has been working on some chemicals for local drug distribution. Raph and Max prepare to find that partner and finish him off as well.

Aside from all that, Raph has a family, and it is his son’s birthday coming up – meaning he has to find a clown, buy a cake, and make sure he gets home in time, or else…

One of the film’s creators, Brian Cunningham has recently said that “Overtime” was started by him and nis partner as a pet project, something to do on the side, while they were working on shooting and editing commercial videos.

From a “pet project”, the film turned to be a highly entertaining B-movie with former WWE Superstar Al Snow leading the way.

“Overtime”, despite being low-budget, is never boring and offers a ton of things to laugh and be excited about.

While the script is nothing new, it was nice to see that Brian Cunningham did not go for the overused “people vs zombies in a dark facility” theme.

What we have here is a “people vs mutated people, infected with some parasites from outer space” theme, and it works!

The funniest scene has to be where our heroes encounter the “survivors” inside the facility, and one of them, Tyrone (Avri Apocalypse), is explaining what they’re up against (a short scene, but has to be seen to be believed).

Al Snow’s character has put it more straight – “battling monster people with penises popping out of their shoulders”.

“Overtime” does not have much of CGI, except for some muzzle flashes, as all “monster effects” are done the old-school way – something we really appreciate.

The acting in the film is mediocre, and really cheesy at times, however the chemistry between actors is really good. You could almost believe that Al Snow is married to Cristina Mullins (plays his wife Tammy).

Oh and a honorable mention to Sean Saunders who played a “bum clown” – cool character, funny and very well played.

The biggest letdown that “Overtime” has is shaky camera work – especially during the action scenes. Other than that – “Overtime” is funny, entertaining, overall a great b-movie of mixed genres.

Below is a trailer for the film, and a small “behind the scenes” clip, featuring the filmmakers, and actors who worked on the film.





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