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REVIEW: Rage of the Yeti (2011) + trailer

Oh, the New Year is approaching, and after dealing with “Snow Beast”, we have another “Yeti” flick for you, this time its Syfy’s “Rage of the Yeti”. The story centers around a bunch of researches (led by Yancy Butler) in the Arctic, where they, all of a sudden, get attacked by the Yetis.

Somehow, they manage to survive, and also send a signal to U.S., after which, two treasure hunters (David Chokachi, Matthew Kevin Anderson) are sent for the rescue, along with a few others (doctors, researchers).

The thing is, that this whole “project” is being sponsored by some rich guy named Mills (David Hewlett), who wants something more, than just to save the remaining crew.

Little do our heroes know, that they will have to battle off hungry yetis and traitors among them as well, before they can actually hope to get saved.

I can’t say I hated “Rage of the Yeti”, and I cannot claim that I fell in love with it either. I mean, if you got a budget of less than 2 mil, can you really expect to have a “good horror movie about yetis”?

Hardly, and that’s what this film is. All Yetis are not only CGI, they also don’t look like the Yetis I’ve seen in movies, books and pictures, they look more like “some snow monsters”. Add to that – they’re also from China (don’t ask how they ended up in Arctic, the film will tell you that)!

Acting is okay, I mean Yancy Butler, David Chokachi and David Hewlett do their best with this kind of material, but there’s nothing much to work with, really.

All the characters do is run around in snow, try to battle off these chinese snow monsters, and keep mumbling about “the rescue chopper”.

If you really like Yeti movies, try to give it a look, but you just might stop watching in 15 minutes or so. There’s simply nothing to watch out for: yetis are CGI, no gore, not much of action, story is ridiculous, and even acting (really, best thing about this movie) cannot save the complete film.

However, you might still want to check out the trailer below, just for fun.




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