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REVIEW: Raptor (2001)

Jim Wynorski has well over 80 movies as a director under his belt. Most of them are explotination/sexploitation/erotic softcore type of movies.

The rest is action, sci-fi, but of course he is more known as a ero-softcore film director. He has got a dozen of “other names” that he usually credits himself with when directing a particular movie.

“Raptor” here is directed by “Jay Andrews” who, is actually Jim Wynorski. Okay, so we got that straightened out.

As a b-movie addict, I know that if its a sci-fi movie directed by Wynorski or, for example Fred Olen Ray, i already know what to expect: thin plot, cheezy dialogue, “jawdropping special effects” and so on…

“Raptor” doesnt have much to brag about – a small town, with a sheriff (played by Eric Roberts), a mad-scientist Dr. Hyde(!!) (played perfectly by Corbin Bernsen) who creates dinosaurs, and one of them manages to escape to feed on people… Well, you get the idea.

Oh, I also should mention that Jim Wynorski himself appears here in one scene for a minute or two (he does that sometimes).

Eric Roberts is a great actor, in my opinion. Way more talented than his sister (yeah, I know I am the minority here, but still I stand by my opinion), and he has been known to appear in practically all kinds of films, starting from blockbusters (Dark Knight, Expendables), to utterly cheap crap…such as “Raptor”.

The film did surprise me with one thing – the Raptop itself  was not CGI. IT was actually some sort of a rubber doll… But, anyway, if you are a die-hard Eric Roberts fan, you might want to get this flick.

Roberts clearly just wanted to quickly go through with this to get his check, but you cannot really blame him.

If you’re a sci-fi movie buff, don’t get your hopes high, and you might even enjoy “Raptor”. Everyone else can clearly stay away.


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