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REVIEW: Re-Generator (2013)


Wow, it really has been a long time since we’ve seen Olivier Gruner on-screen doing some serious action. The man clearly has been off the radar a little bit, however now he’s back with a new sci-fi flick “Re-Generator”!

The stort of the film is simple – The Beast (Olivier Gruner) is a government experiment, an indestructible soldier destined to work deeply behind enemy lines. The Best has two unique qualities – he kills everyone in his sight who doesn’t have a specific implanted chip, and his body is has ability to re-generate itself in a matter of seconds.

Basically, within a few short scenes, some of which show us silent Gruner with a unique “haircut”, we’re told everything we need to know about The Beast.

During a transportation from one destination point to another, security on board attacks chained Beast, claiming he killed some of their comrades. The move creates chaos on the plane, which, not long after crashes in the woods on some small U.S. town.

The Beast of course doesn’t die, he soon “re-generates”, arms himself and starts to hunt down some poor teens that are out in the same area for the weekend of booze and weed.

The army sends out a special team to track down The Beast, which, with every kill, makes sure the forest remains anything but safe.

“Re-Generator” was being developed back in 2010, with a different name – “One Night”, with Gruner occasionally sharing some pictures from the set, during production.

While “Re-Generator” is quite a cheesy title, it is still better than “One Night”, which doesn’t tell anything about the film at all.

Like already mentioned the film was being developed under another title, and seems to have been looking for distribution for the last couple of years. Assuming it finally got the deal, the title was changed to “Re-Generator” and released.

The film itself is a directorial debut for Gruner (who also wrote the story), and of course there is a thing or two he could learn from more experienced action stars turned directors, like Dolph Lundgren.

Gruner has played cyborgs/androids before, and his first-billed role as The Beast has probably required minimum effort from the former kickboxing champion.

Gruner has limited screen time here, supposedly mostly due to the fact that he had to direct as well, and doesn’t speak a single line of dialogue in the whole film.

For the most part, “Re-Generator” is quite boring, and as the film develops, we’re constantly getting the idea that the budget for the flick wasn’t that big to start off with.

Basically throughout the whole film all we see is Gruner prowling the woods, killing off these pathetic teenagers, and even feeding on them! Our Re-Generator is also a cannibal that likes raw meat.

For some reason, the Beast is armed with a small axe that he uses as a killing weapon – why in hell do we need that? The guy is a killing machine himself… he doesn’t use guns, why then make him use an axe? Why not make him to kill with bare hands – something Gruner could’ve handled well.

The film however has an absolutely killer soundtrack, generic, but it fits in with the film just right. Another good point is that another action man, Paul Logan (playing Capt. Rob Stevens) has a role here, which sadly is limited to only talks, without any action.

It would’ve been nice to see Gruner going up against Logan in those woods!

Anyway, for what it is, “Re-Generator” does leave a place for a sequel, which could be a lot more than this film right here.

If there are any plans for a sequel – Gruner really needs to concentrate more on his Beast character, and try to get Paul Logan back to reprise his role, so that we could have someone to root for, and see some good action.



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